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Salem, Oregon In Home Newborn Photos

Salem, Oregon In Home Newborn Photos

In home newborn photos- sweet, intimate, special. These Salem, Oregon In Home Newborn photos are no exception.

I’ll be the first to share that my ultimate preference is that clients utilize my light studio in Downtown, Salem. However, I would never deny how special in home newborn photos really are. These photos below were for a return client- and their sweetness is truly the best. During their session I learned that they had done newborn photos for all their kiddos in that house- I think that is so special! These photos are a beautiful reminder to me the value of in home newborn photos.

Salem, Oregon In Home Newborn Photos- The Wardrobe

This mama did so so good at choosing the outfits for her family. The backdrop (walls, decor, comforter) being white gave her more freedom on what she can wear! However, for in home photos, I will nearly always recommend neutrals. This keeps the photos LIGHT and the contrast beautiful.

This mama uses denim and white the most. Beautiful. Then follows that with some tan and the pop of color in the baby swaddle she selected. It looks fantastic! I also LOVE how the burnt orange swaddle makes the baby pop and draws our attention to the reason for the photos- the newborn!

Pros and Cons to In Home Newborn Photos


  • The sentimentality of having photos in the home/ nursery where your baby spends their first days.
  • To show off the time and effort you put into your home or in their newborn studio.
  • You love a next level authentic lifestyle look.
  • Your older kiddos do better and are less shy at home (every kiddo is different, but sometimes this helps!).
  • It’s easier for you to do them at home with your postpartum recovery (again, every birth/baby is different!).
  • You like a moodier edit (differing light adds some emotive drama usually).


  • Inconsistent light/ lack of light- lighting is the BIGGEST factor in the makeup of a photo and the editing. I do not recommend in home photos if you have a low level of natural light, colored walls or spotty light.
  • There isn’t as much control over the color tones in the photo. Fo example, green wall paint reflects off the skin and alters the skin tone in every photo.
  • You have to clean the house first- sometimes it’s easier to head to the studio where there is no prep or having to clean the house first. That can be hard to do with a newborn!
  • The moodier edit- the light nearly always makes a moodier photo. Some people love it, some people aren’t a fan.
  • There could be travel costs depending on where you live. I don’t charge travel for the greater Corvallis and Salem areas.

How Do I Recommend You Choose? In Home or In Studio?

It’s such a matter of personal preference! First, ask yourself if your home has enough natural light/ color controlled tones in your decor. If you are unsure, message me some photos! Next, I always recommend checking out studio albums and in home albums that I have done in the past. Pay attention to shadowing and tones. From there you can decide what you like best to book for yourself!

In Studio Gallery Examples

Baby Lucas\\ In Studio Newborn

How to Prepare for Your Family Newborn Photos

Salem Oregon Newborn Photos

In Home Gallery Examples

The Gallery Below

Albany Oregon In Home Newborn Session

Corvallis Oregon In Home Newborn Session

My Heart

Newborn photos are so valuable. I just had my own daughter in 2021 and I ended up booking two newborn sessions. One in home, and one in studio. Both are so special to me. Both I would be heartbroken if I didn’t have. We all have different relationships with the investment in professional photography. For anyone, newborn photos are so worthy of being taken. More often than not, families tell me how much they regret not getting newborn photos done. My heart is for all families to be able to prioritize these photos. Time moves too fast and these photos are so special. I do payment plans specifically because I believe in the value of these kinds of photos. If you want these photos, please reach out so that we can make them happen. They are TOO GOOD to miss.



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