Corvallis Summer Family Photos

Corvallis Summer Family Photos

If you were looking for a reason that you should book summer family photos- here it is! These Corvallis Summer Family Photos were one of my favorites of 2021. The tones feel warm and the session truly embodied summer fun! This family of four was a joy to work with and I am so excited to share their family photos!

Where and When Were These Taken?

These warm, sunny photos were taken at an all time favorite spot- Mary’s Peak! These were taken near sunset in a shady area in early September. Late summer makes tones warm, grass golden and gives you the joyful “changing of the seasons” vibes.

For this location, it’s also important to keep in mind that the weather is much cooler up at Mary’s Peak. So Spring sessions aren’t typically recommended for young kiddos. However, the benefit is that in the summer it can turn a 100 degree day into a 70 degree day. It’s amazing!

Also, not pictured here for September photos- but in July, if we are lucky there are wildflowers blooming! And they are beautiful.

Light and season really do play big roles in the overall tones of the photos! Here are a few other sessions I’ve done here at different times of the year:

Spring Sunset Family of 6

Sunrise Late Summer Family of 4

Sunset Mid Summer Family of 6

Take a look at these links to help decide what season would be best for you and your family!

What’s The Benefit of Family Photos in the Summer?

There are a few benefits to Corvallis Summer Family Photos. Here are some:

  • Less of a chance at reschedules due to rain.
  • No worries about school nights for the kiddos.
  • Sunset (recommended for this spot) sessions are often later at night, so parents often enjoy doing sessions on weeknights instead of weekends to avoid crowded spots.
  • No cold kiddos! Trust me, this helps!
  • No limitations on wardrobe (no jackets or hats to stay warm- more whimsical dresses can be selected in comfort).
  • Warm, golden tones.

What Should I Wear To A Summer Family Photo Session?

I love this question! First and foremost, what you wear should ultimately represent your personalities. What I suggest is based on my editing and locations. You should always though choose what feels the most like YOU!

For this location in the late summer, I suggest:

  • Moms and daughters wear flowy dresses! Dresses with movement photograph beautifully. However if you have young daughters (babies/ toddlers) I recommend rompers or having them wear bloomers. It helps a lot with the fun, playful shots!
  • I am always a proponent of neutrals, however I really love burnt oranges, light blues, soft pinks and reds with this backdrop. I would avoid yellows/ golds, royal blue and all greens.
  • Dads- a nice button doen with jeans, black jeans or khaki jeans looks great!

Tips for a Great Family Session with Young Kiddos

I know there can be a feeling of overwhelm when planning family photos (maybe for the first time) with young children. I get it! One of the biggest pain points I hear is about the time of session being at bedtime. I get it, I really do. Let me tell you though, it’s worth the exception. Lighting plays the BIGGEST factor in how photos turn out. Harsh light from a sun that’s not low enough causes unflattering light, harsh tones and shadows. Choosing sessions in shade or at sunrise or sunset are the way to get great photos. It matters far more than the location itself.

So here are some tips for young kiddos who are past bedtime during your family session:

  • Talk up the session in advance. Make it a super fun special occasion. Maybe with a fun treat associated with it!
  • Use my name in advance when talking about the “super fun photos” so that they are familiar with me and less shy!
  • In my questionnaire I ask about their favorite things to talk about and snacks- this helps a lot!
  • With the parents permission- we have snack rewards for great photos! Often it’s goldfish, MMM’s or fruit gummies. It’s also been things like raisins and watermelon. Whatever works, works!
  • Wood toys! I bring cute, simple wood toys to play with between shots! If they need to be in photos, they’re cute and not plastic!
  • I ALWAYS aim to get sibling photos and the who family smiling photos first. That way the hard part is out of the way and it’s more fun, lifestyle prompts for the remainder of the photos. Keeping it FUN- how it should be!

Ready to Book?

Ready to book some summer family photos? I hope so, they are so fun! Please, message me here to plan your family photos this year!



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