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Hey- I'm Kenzi! I'm glad you're here!

It's actually pretty simple. I believe in the power of photos. I believe in their power to comfort, to mend hearts and to carry us when things are hard. I believe in their value in good times and bad. I believe in the significance they hold for generations to come. I believe they are one of the only things on this planet that become infinitely more valuable with each passing year. So essentially..

I've always believed this, but the truth is- I didn't understand the depth of it until after I had my daughter. The professional photo documentation of her life is more valuable to me than nearly any of my earthly possessions. I've also had photos to hold onto when my marriage was more than hard. I had photos to appreciate when I've had sick family members. I have experienced how important photography truly is, and it is my heart to artfully and thoughtfully share that value with you and your family too. 

The WHY behind Kenzi Shipley Photography

i believe that meaningful photos are an heirloom investment that shouldn't be missed.

Harry Potter + Disneyland are life. Add a Diet Coke, Target shopping, desert life, red wine + Ben and Jerry’s ice cream and that’s probably my best day ever.

I am an obsessive TV show re-watcher and it drives Justin crazy (but who doesn’t want to rewatch HIMYM, Parks + Rec, OTH, Gilmore Girls or Friends for the millionth time?).

Fall is my favorite season of all, followed by Winter + Spring. I love all the cozy things like wine (red + white, because I don’t hate on any kind of wine), candles + coffee.

My favorite place on the entire planet is Disneyland followed closely by Sedona, AZ and Bend, OR.

I like long walks anywhere, HGTV anything, am a proud enneagram 6w7 and the truest definition of an extroverted introvert you’ll ever find.

I’m currently dreaming of sipping wine in Italy, hanging out in the Dolomites, exploring the Alps + kissing stones and drinking beer in Ireland. 

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A few little fun facts:

salem, oregon based family photographer obsessed with telling your story

I joyfully specialize in all things family photography. maternity photography and  newborn photography. I have been fully in business for 4 years now and it has honestly been the biggest blessing, I even got to open my own Newborn Lifestyle Studio in Downtown Salem, Oregon last year. It has been such a JOY to get to do this for a living and I am incredibly grateful. It has carried my family through some 'not so great' times and I couldn't be more grateful for the clients I have. Glory to Jesus!

Personally, I have a wild light of a baby daughter, a couple goofy doggos and a husband I have been through so much with. The older I get, the more I love the basics. A good glass of wine (red, of course), a warm campfire and a family beach trip recharge my heart. I'm also embarrassingly a big fan of rewatching tv shows/ movies and love The Bachelor. I enjoy a good walk, baking and can't wait to take my daughter yurting or to Disneyland with us in the next year!

On a serious note, I am a big believer that life isn't always sunshine and rainbows. What I have been through makes me feel uniquely equipped to walk with clients through what they are going through in an understanding way- truly meeting them where they are. I do believe though that in any season, there's something special about photographing it along the way. The valleys make us appreciate the peaks. Both are equally important to be captured, both for you and for future generations. So if you're going through a lot or in a season of celebration- I'm here for you and I get it. 

Hey, Kenzi here! 

Meet Kenzi

— Gaona, Family photos

"I cannot say enough good things about Kenzi. She is so incredibly warm and easy-going and talented. She made us feel at ease from the second we met. She guided us so well throughout the shoot (embraced and rolled with our awkward selves lol) and delivered an outstanding gallery."

what clients are saying

— Kayla, Wedding, Engagement, maternity, newborn photos

"Kenzi made the whole experience so fun which for us is hard because we are awkward when it comes to being photographed but it was so easy and seamless with her. ... Her photos are so beautiful and she really captures our personalities and the emotion in every shot!!

what clients are saying

— Nikki, Wedding, Engagement + Family photos

"Kenzi is simply amazing. She pours her whole heart into her business and it shows. She takes the time to connect and get to know her clients so that when picture taking time comes, you’re already comfortable."

what clients are saying

"Each time, we experience an intimate lifestyle photography session. Kenzi’s work is unique in that it feels like a family date! It’s intimate and creates a family memory while we’re being captured. It reminds us of the love we have and what makes us special and precious. Our whole family absolutely looks forward to it We always leave our photo times more connected as a family than when we came."

what clients are saying

katy, family, maternity, birth + newborn