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Mary’s Peak Family Session

Mary’s Peak Family Session

This is a family of MVP’s. They came from Portland, Oregon for their sunrise Mary’s Peak family session. With a 7am start time, it was naturally a little chilly and everyone was a little sleepy starting out. About 5 minutes in though it was all fun and games and the result was these warm and connected sunrise mountain top family photos.

Mary’s Peak Family Session Tips

I’ve got some tips for you, families with young kiddos who go for the gorgeous sunrise session option.

  • Bribe them with cocoa afterwords or yummy sprinkle donuts. Nutcakes is on your way back from Mary’s Peak in Philomath. It is 10/10.
  • Bring blankets for the kiddos! They can keep them on for the first few months of the session and it helps a lot! It keeps them warm and cozy, allows them to “wake up” slower and it can even be a cute photo prop, like below! I also always bring cute blankets to family photo sessions, just in case!
  • Hype them up days in advance! Telling them they have photos with Kenzi (using my name in advance helps build familiarity and comfort for them) on a mountain can help them get excited days ahead of time!
  • Hand warmers! Kids love them and they help with chilly mornings!
  • Dress weather appropriate! This family did a great job with long sleeves since they knew its chillier at the top of Mary’s Peak in the morning. Other ideas are cute beanies starting off the session or nice jackets. As the session goes on they’ll get warm and take them off, but it’s nice for them to feel comfortable starting out!
  • Come laid back and ready for a connection centered experience. Think less poses, more prompts and more freedom for the kids to be kids.
  • Even though it’s early, come with food in the bellies of kiddos and adults. It makes a bigger difference than you know!

Weather at Mary’s Peak

The weather for your Mary’s Peak Family session varies a lot per season and time of day. In general, mornings and evenings (suggested shoot times) can get chilly, so I recommend jackets and hats just in case! To avoid snow, late Spring though late Fall are usually safe! You can always check the weather before your session here, just in case! Late Spring and early summer are great at Mary’s Peak because, if timed right, there are gorgeous wild flowers. Mid summer (like this session) through the Fall there are the toastiest, warmest, golden fields. I just think it’s so dreamy in these seasons. The winter has some cold, strong wind and a bit of snow- it can still be gorgeous, but is a completely different look.

Why I love Mary’s Peak for family photos

I love most that Mary’s Peak has these golden, calming fields and rolling hills for miles. Mary’s Peak is the largest peak in the coastal range, giving us the best views. For this Mary’s Peak Family photo Session I love that it was such a beautiful and peace filled space. I also love that there is a lot of room for the kids to run around and have fun. I am a first believer that family sessions should be fun, relaxing, connecting and a space where kids are free to be kids. It’s the common narrative that family photography sessions are stressful and to be avoided, but that’s not what I’ve seen or believe. I believe the right photographer will make you feel at ease and bring peace and fun to your session. I believe that taking the pressure off parents for perfect poses and robot smiles allows there to be photos that really meet them where they are. Photos that allow for real connection and meaningful images that are a window into your current season of life with your babies.

Ready to book a Mary’s Peak Family Session?

Ready for a family photography session at this tranquil and gorgeous location? I hope so, it’s the best! If you’re ready to get in touch, contact me here. Want to see more Mary’s Peak photos and get some tips about its nearby surroundings? I did an informative blog post here! Want to learn more about my heart for family sessions? I have a full page devoted to them here!

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