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Corvallis, Oregon In Home Newborn Photos

Corvallis, Oregon In Home Newborn Photos

Okay, let’s talk about these Corvallis, Oregon In Home Newborn Photos. They are so so sweet! This family wanted photos of JUST their one week old for this session. Typically in home sessions include the parents, siblings and even pets of the family. This family just wanted the baby for these in home photos and opted for in studio photos a week later. Doing it like this was fun- and photographing this little babe with a one week difference in his age- it was crazy how different he looked already! You can see his studio session here.

Why I Love These Photos

I love these photos because they truly capture his sweetness during his first week of life. This was the first session I have done where I was able to capture TWO newborn sessions for one family. I love how smooshy and precious this newborn boy is and how fun it was to take these photos.

I also love the tones. The clients nursery was white, green and blue. All pretty cool toned. Though my work is typically pretty warm, I love how the cool tones here complimented the photos of this sweet boy. The photo feels creamy and cozy to me and I love it so much.

I also love that even though I always recommend the parents being in the newborn photos, I think it’s great that there is in option to capture your newborn if you really don’t want to be in photos. I’m all about having the option!

How to Prepare for In Home Newborn Photos

I recommend preparing for in home photos in these simple ways:

  • Tidy up the space in your house where we are taking photos. Make sure this is a room with neutral walls and good natural light!
  • Wear neutrals! They look great in your in home newborn photos!
  • Dress comfy with textures! This baby is in a great textured neutral outfit and mama is cozy. Though she isn’t fully in these shots, the coziness translates.
  • Turn off all the lights in the area we are doing photos! Natural light is imperative!
  • Keep the house warm- like way warmer than you like. Trust me though, it makes for sleepier, happier newborns and amazing newborn photos!

I Want Photos Like These- How Do I Book and What’s the Proccess?

I’m so excited you are ready to take this next step and capture these truly priceless moments! I’ve NEVER heard of a person that regrets having newborn photos done. And I’ve been doing this professionally for nearly 4 years.

To book, reach out here and be sure to share your due date and the type of newborn photos you are wanting (in home or in studio). If in home, I may ask for a photo of the space you want photos- just to ensure the light will work. Then you will have the option to pick your package- most clients choose the Maternity/ Newborn Session Bundle, but you can definitely stick to just the Newborn Session if you prefer! After signing the project proposal and paying the retainer you are officially booked! I’ll then send you an outfit guide to prepare you for your session. Next, after the baby is born, message me and we’ll pick a time and day for me to take some beautiful photos of your new little one! The week after your session I’ll send you a proof gallery where YOU get to select your 20 favorite photos (or more if you want to buy a few extras) and I’ll get to editing. It’s that easy! And so so worth it.

So please, reach out. Don’t miss sweet photos like these!



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