Salem, Oregon Extended Family Photos

Salem, Oregon Extended Family Photos

I’m going to be really honest- I LOVE THESE PHOTOS SO MUCH. These Salem, Oregon Extended Family Photos were so fun! I LOVE photographing big, big families. A lot of photographers don’t, as they can be more “difficult” to photograph- but coming from a big family myself, I really love photographing these kind of sessions!

Interested in Extended/ Generational Family Photos?

I’m so glad you are interested in Extended/ Generational Family Photos! These kind of photos have a really special value. I personally try to do them with my entire family about once every few years. Especially as some valuable family members age and new babies are born- these photos hold so much specialness to me. As I hope they will to you too! Remember, no one regrets having family photos done and they only GAIN value through the years.

A few things to think about when booking these kind of photos:

  • Time of Day: For best light it should be sunrise or sunset if there is no shade. If there is shade, there is flexibility. Lighting is the most important factor in creating beautiful photos. If you have young kiddos in the photos, it’s something to plan for if in the summer when sunset is late and sunrise is early. I have some tips here! If you don’t want summer photos, consider Spring or Fall or Winter of earlier sunsets and later sunrises. Every season is beautiful in it’s own way! For reference, this family photograph opted for 1-2 hours BEFORE sunset in the summer. Though this isn’t an ideal time for photos, it worked best for their kiddos so we chose a spot that provided shade. Problem solved and beautiful, even lighted photos!
  • Season: As mentioned above- season plays a big role in the time of session and the lighting. Other reasons to consider the season are for tones in the images and weather. Summer is great because more likely than not, there won’t be rain. This is a big deal because rescheduling (if you decide to, I have tons of families that do rainy sessions and they turn out amazing) big families with many different schedules can be really tough. As for the tones, in the Summer you get golden, warm tones. In the Fall, you get warm tones with beautiful rich color. In the Spring you get bold greens and cooler tones. Winter you get more minimalistic images and great focus on cozy outfits/ freedom in color for outfits. Everything has it’s benefit!
  • Day of the Week: Weekends are for sure possible, however weekdays, especially in the Summer and Fall, can be preferable to avoid crowds!
  • Specific Session Location: If Salem or Corvallis, there are no travel costs- so people have the option choose to travel here! However many people select Portland, Eugene or the Oregon Coast. These are great! But be sure to factor in the travel costs! I send them with all inquiries.

What to Wear?!

It’s a lot of people and outfits to coordinate! I totally get it! I highly recommend choosing a palette (a few coordinating colors) and letting your family pick their outfits from there. This was one of my all time favorite big group outfits, but you can go with what feels right to you! I also include an outfit guide with your booked session- you can send this to everyone in your group after you’ve chosen the colors to wear!

Please note, the location you choose will also play a big role in the palette that will look best! After we choose your location I am more than happy to give you some location based outfit color ideas if you would like!

Some Favorite Salem, Oregon Extended Family Photo Location Ideas

And if you want to go a little beyond Salem…

When choosing locations for Extended/ Generational Family photos, it’s important to pick spots with the ability to avoid crowds and utilize open spaces. IE forests are often too crowded but spots like Bush Pasture Park you can make look forested given the right angle. It’s also important to keep the spots fairly accessible in the case that there are family members who need easy access to the photo spot.

Ready to Book Your Salem, Oregon Extended Family Photos

Ready to book? I am so excited to hear from you! Reach out here and let’s get planning!



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