Willamette Mission Family Photos

Willamette Mission Family Photos

These Willamette Mission Family Photos are what bright, playful Oregon Spring photo dreams are made of! I am so shocked that we got blue sky with the most perfect fluffy clouds! These photos were also so special because they got great family photos, but they also got some great detail and lifestyle photos of their 5 month old as well! I am a big believer in taking the opportunity to document your sweet baby as much as possible. I am so happy I brought the moses basket and blankets so we could get these sweet daisy baby photos!

The Location

These photos were taken at Willamette Mission State Park. This park is huge! I’ve done a couple sessions here and it’s truly a spot where it changes a ton seasonally! This April though, it boasted blue skies, green grass and daisies. I loved it!

These photos were taken earlier in the day to work with baby girl’s schedule. We grabbed a couple photos out in the open when the clouds covered the sun just right, then moved to under a pretty tree for the rest! The rule of thumb is to avoid full sun photos when you can! Full sun casts shadows and harsh light that is not flattering in photos. I always recommend a sunrise or sunset session time. If that’s not doable for kiddo schedules, we use a location with shade. The tree used in this location did just the trick! The photos turned out great!

The Outfits

I LOVE what this family chose! Sticking to a pink and white palette was a great idea they had. The colors are soft and don’t overwhelm the photo. They truly make the photos look ethereal and so dreamy. For the baby girl, choosing a romper was a great idea. It gives her room to wiggle without the parents having to constantly be straightening out a dress. And it looks so springy!

The Moses Basket

As mentioned above, I love that I got to use my moses basket and blankets to get some individual photos of this girl! I do not normally bring it to sessions unless they are strictly newborn sessions. For older babies, I can bring it on request! Otherwise, you can expect to see it when booking a newborn session for babies under 5 months!

I love that using this basket adds flair and texture to the photos and I loved that I got to get some sweet “newborn like” photos for this older baby!

Spring Photos- Kinda Risky?

Let’s be honest. Oregon weather is fully unpredictable. This weather this day was crazy lucky! If you look at all the galleries shared, very few have weather like this. To shoot for green grass like this and blue skies- it’s a risk March- June. Luckily though, Oregon shows up even on cloudy days and I promise this place is equally pretty in a different way. Fun fact: Clouds reflect the prettiest light on the skin, so cloudy days are amazing too!

If it is raining in a way that there are no breaks in the weather- you can always reschedule. Every session includes one complimentary reschedule opportunity! Most of the time though there are great breaks in the weather- Oregon is good about that! Thankfully!

Ready to Book?

I would LOVE to photograph your family photos! Reach out here and I’ll get back to you ASAP to schedule your family photos!



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