Bush Pasture Park Fall Family Photos

Bush Pasture Park Fall Family Photos

It may be summer but I have to share these Bush Pasture Park Fall Family Photos because I just love them so so much! To me, there is NOTHING like the Fall. It’s truly the best season and I can’t be convinced otherwise. I love the cozy weather, the warm golden leaves and the joy filled buzz of anticipation for the holidays. This year especially I am looking forward to the excitement of the season for the first time with my own daughter. Kids really do make things more fun.

The Location: Bush Pasture Park

If you haven’t been to this beautiful park in Salem, Oregon- you’re missing out! No matter the season, it’s truly a gem! In the Spring and early Summer, the park is bright with blooms and green grass! There’s even a rose garden that is a dream for kids to run through. Depending on the season, you can also catch some cherry blossoms! In the Fall its jaw dropping Fall foliage and gorgeous warm tones everywhere. This session embodies it beautifully. In the winter, the forest in the lower park makes a great looking Oregon-esque photos. This park is huge and also boasts a gorgeous old house, a fairytale gazebo and a dreamy greenhouse. It’s truly an amazing photo spot, I love recommending Bush Pasture Park to my clients!

What To Wear For Your Fall Family Photos

At Bush Pasture Park in the Fall I highly recommend muted and neutral colors! The trees and plants provide huge pops of color and adding too much color in your wardrobe will overwhelm the photos. I recommend avoiding yellows, oranges, greens, navy and royal blue and some reds. Here are colors that look amazing here in the Fall!

  • Maroon
  • Burgundy
  • Light Pink
  • Light Blue
  • White
  • Charcoal Grey
  • Some Black (not all black)
  • Taupe/ Tans

Another thing to keep in mind is patterns/ prints! You really want to avoid huge prints at Bush Pasture Park. This park is a bright and busy backdrop in all seasons except Winter, so it’s important to go subtle so that you still stand out in your photos. Wearing bright colors, colors that match the scenery too much or bold prints or patterns will make you and your family get lost in the final images. So keep the prints and patterns subtle! It may go without saying, but also be sure if you do a print or pattern to limit it to just 1 or 2 family members depending on the size of your family. It’s all about balance!

My last tips are to choose flowy dresses! It adds movement and life to the photos! For men, avoid logos on your shirts and try your best to leave ball caps at home (wives, I know this can be a struggle- I feel you!). And finally, add textures! Chunky knit sweaters are an AMAZING way to do this!

Tips For Your Bush Pasture Park Fall Family Photos

Family photos are a worthwhile investment but can add some stress to parents- especially when you’ve had stressful photo sessions in the past! Here are my top 3 favorite tips for your family photos!

  1. Come with a full belly! Adults, teens and kiddos of all ages. It’s a universal rule that hunger makes us all a little less happy. Coming with a full belly makes everyone in an instantly better mood and makes the session more easy breezy and fun for all!
  2. Talk it up in advance! I am a big believer that words have power. Call me cheezy, but the more you talk it up the more your family will look forward to it and the better it will go! If there is extra encouragement needed, plan a fun desert or plan to go see a movie after as a family for a reward!
  3. Get Yourself Something Special! If you’re like me, it’s easy to feel self conscious in front of the camera. You aren’t alone. It always helps me to have something new that makes me feel good! I have some clients that prefer to get their hair or makeup done the day of photos and that gives them confidence. Whatever your thing is, treat yourself for fun so you feel a little extra boost of confidence.

Ready To Get It Booked?

Let me be honest- Fall photos go fast. It is the most popular time of year for family photos in Oregon. Reaching out in advance when you want a weekend date is recommended! If you missed that window already- reach out regardless- I always do my best to fit you in the schedule! If I can’t, you have an option to potentially use an associate photographer and still get my editing style for your photos!

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