Albany Oregon Family Photos

Albany Oregon Family Photos

Let’s talk about these Albany, Oregon Family Photos! Letty + Isaac have been return clients for FOUR YEARS now! How amazing is that?! I had the supreme privilege of photographing their wedding, couple photos, generational family photos, Letty telling Isaac they were expecting and now their FAMILY PHOTOS! They even travel from WA for their sessions! I feel so truly blessed and honored to get to photograph all these big moments for them. To me, it is so special and a huge “WHY” behind why I am a family photographer.

Why Albany Oregon for Family Photos?

You may be asking, why Albany? Well, scroll down and see these photos! They are proof enough how beautiful of a backdrop this city can be for family photos!

This spot photographed is right beside Talking Water Gardens at Simpson Park. This spot boasts oak trees and tall grass. Two of my favorite backdrops! This spot is great for young families and generational family sessions because there is next to no walk from the parking lot!

Here are another few of my favorite family photo spots in Albany, Oregon:

Albany also has some really fun activities that I always suggest when clients are in town with their young kiddos! I recommend a trip to the Albany Carousel, Sprinkles Bakery, The Pix Theatre and Margin for Coffee! In the Summer, check out the Albany Downtown Association page for some really fun events like concerts by the river or movies in the park!

What to Wear for these Albany Oregon Family Photos

I don’t want to go into too much detail here, but this session was also at Simpson Park and shows even more Spring beauty here! It also goes into detail on the best things to wear! I will say, Letty + Isaac did great with the white outfits, the flowy dress, romper for baby and subtle patterns.

Albany Spring Family Session

Family Photographer in Albany Oregon

Did you know I live in Albany, Oregon? My studio is in Salem, but I live here in Albany! I LOVE this community- I truly feel like Albany is an incredible town to live in and raise a family! I appreciate that it’s not too big and not too small. I throughly enjoy spending time in Downtown Albany and dream of owning a home in the Monteith District! It’s truly a special town and I feel beyond blessed to get to capture family photos in this town.

My Heart

I really feel overwhelming gratefulness for the amazing families I get to meet and photograph year after year. They are some truly sweet and fun relationships in my life! This world is so crazy and busy all the time- we can easily find reasons to put off family photos or use different photographers year after year. These things aren’t wrong- but I will say life is so much sweeter and these photos are so extra special when there is a relationship behind it. I value all my return clients so much- they are worth so much to me and are so valuable. I love that I know their family, enjoy spending time with them during their sessions and thus get to capture them all the more authentically.

SO when people ask what my favorite part of being a professional family and newborn photographer is- the answer is hands down the relationship with my clients and getting to meet and serve new families.

It’s all about the relationship to me.

Anyone can take a pretty photo. Not anyone can can care with their whole heart and truly love to serve and get to know YOU.

In conclusion, I really love my clients and am so grateful for everyone of you I’ve had the privilege of photographing.

Ready for Your Family Photos This Year?

Message me to chat about them! Albany, Oregon Family Photos are truly great. I also serve Corvallis, Salem and their surrounding areas for no travel costs. To my lovely Portland, Eugene and Oregon Coast clients- you are valued and appreciated! I’m thankful you invest in choosing me as your photographer- both in travel costs and session fees. It’s and honor to serve you all- local, traveling and non local families!

If you haven’t worked with me yet, I’m so glad you stumbled across this page! I am genuinely excited to get to know you and hope to joyfully photograph you and your family well!

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