Lebanon Oregon Family Photos

Lebanon Oregon Family Photos

This Lebanon Oregon Family Photos took place in the late summer last year at the client’s family property. I love love when sessions take place on the clients property- whether it’s a forever home or not, it’s such a special capture of this specific season of life. This session was truly one for the books!

The Outfits

Late summer is typically a very golden look in Lebanon, Oregon. The gold tones from the summer grass photographs beautifully and reflects beautiful tones on the skin. To play up these beautifully soft tones, the client chose neutrals paired with a pretty burnt orange.

I’ve talked about it in previous posts, but neutrals are a great option because they also reflect nicely on the skin. Bold colors in the background or from the color of clothing you wear plays a huge roll in the tones of the photos AND how the skin tone looks and glows. You wouldn’t think these things matters much, but it really really does!

I also love the flowy dress that this mama chose! As you can see, the movement it adds to the photos is so fun!

Lebanon Oregon Family Photo Location Ideas

This session was done at the client’s private property- a great idea if you are a sentimental person like me! It doesn’t need to be a field like this- it could even be in a subdivision- it’s really all about what matters to YOU!

Here are some other Lebanon, Oregon Family Photo Location Ideas:

  • Cheadle Lake Park– Tall trees, fields and water!
  • Ralston Park– This is a pretty park with a gazebo. This would be especially fun at Christmas time as the park is lit up for the holidays!
  • Riverview Park- I couldn’t find a direct link, but if you look at the google profile, it’s great bridge views and water that photographs super well!
  • Waterloo County Park– There are some great spots, be ready to climb through some brush trails!

Not in Lebanon, but nearby I highly recommend Foster Lake (hills and water) or Cascadia State Park (rocks, water or waterfall if you want to walk and like a moody toned vibe).

Lebanon Oregon Family Photographer

Fun fact! I actually grew up in Lebanon, Oregon. It’s my hometown! My family still lives there AND so do some of my dearest and most special friends. I love that I still live so close and get to photograph Lebanon family sessions so often. Lebanon has some truly beautiful spots and I have always loved how connected and community oriented Lebanon is. My best memories involve the Strawberry Festival and the Christmas lights at Ralston Park. BOTH of which would be really fun and unique spots for a family session!

Ready for Family Photos?

Ready to book family photos? I hope so, no matter the situation, family photos are more value filled than you know. Family photos are special in the moment and only gain in value for years and generations to come.

Want to see family sessions in nearby towns? Check out these Albany, Salem and Corvallis photos!

Ready to book, inquire here!

I can’t wait for your photos!



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