Albany Oregon Extended Family Photos

Albany Oregon Extended Family Photos

I have been sharing more galleries like these Albany Oregon Extended Family Photos here lately- and it’s so fun! If you didn’t know, my business runs based out of Salem- that’s where my studio is! However, I myself live in Albany, Oregon! Albany is such a fun mid size city with so many special community focused events and businesses! Even better for photography, some really great photo locations that people don’t typically think about! I have shared a couple galleries recently from Talking Water Gardens/ Simpson Park, but here is a gallery from another favorite spot- Takena Landing!

The Location- Takena Landing

I love Takena Landing for Albany Oregon Extended Family Photos for a few big reasons!

  1. It’s spacious- for big families especially it is important to have a location with a lot of space.
  2. There are trees but they aren’t too dense. Dense tree areas are not good at all for photos. They are too dark and reflect too much green on the skin. This is perfect!
  3. This location is great in multiple seasons. The spring and early summer is beautifully green and the fall is pure gold.
  4. THE BRIDGE. Especially for families based in Albany, Oregon, the bridge has some special value that I love adding in for sentimentality.
  5. The variety for this location is great, as you can see through this gallery below, there are quite a few spots here that make a great backdrop for the photos.

I also love that this location isn’t too far for Salem or Corvallis clients. Albany, being off of i5, is pretty centrally located. It makes it a great town for photo locations! I also have a fair amount of clients who have half of their family living in Portland, and half in Eugene. In these scenarios I love how Albany is the perfect spot to meet in the middle!

How Extended Family Photos Work

I get asked from time to time how extended family photos work. Firstly, I always give you the option to provide me a photo shot list.

An example of how this should look:


  • Full Family (Amy, Paul, John, Carl, Emma, Karlene, Lucy, Sarah, Joe, Pam, Anna)
  • All Men (Joe, John, Carl, Paul)
  • All Girls (Emma, Karlene, Lucy, Sarah, Pam, Anna, Amy)
  • All Grandkids (Pam, Anna, Joe)
  • Grandkids with Grandparents (Pam, Anna, Joe, John, Karlene)
  • Sister + BIL with Dog (Lucy, Carl)
  • Sister + BIL with Nieces and Nephews (Lucy, Carl, Pam, Anna, Joe)
  • Sisters (Lucy, Amy)
  • Sisters and Mom (Lucy, Amy, Karlene)

Writing the list out like this ensures you get the photos that are most important to you and nothing gets missed. This is especially great for BIG families. I really love these lists for families of 25+ family members.

More often than not, clients opt for no list. In this case, I try to do every combo possible. Individual families, group shots, individual couples, kids, etc.. The list goes on! The great thing about it is, I can take hundreds of photos during your session and YOU get to pick your 40 favorites! That way you have control over the photos you love most. I also have an option where you can purchase additional images for $20 per image. This is great, especially if you love extra candids, have a big family, or want extra images of individual family and couples (like a super super mini session within the big extended family session).

So basically, I photograph all the possible things and you get to choose your photos or if you want extras. I love giving you a lot of options!

Ready to Book?

I would love to hear from you! Extended Family Photos are truly a favorite of mine! Family is so special and so worth capturing. Especially those photos with parents, grandparents and multiple generations. I myself try and do an Extended Family Photo Session about once every 3 years. I practice what I preach!

Reach out here to get started!



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