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Baby Lucas// In Studio Newborn

Baby Lucas// In Studio Newborn

This is so fun to share these baby Lucas In Studio Newborn photos! I’ve been in my own studio photographing newborn now for nearly a year and I can hardly believe it. Located at 147 Commercial St. NE in Salem, Oregon– the studio has been such a blessing. Having this space has allowed me to serve my clients so much better. Not only do they get a unique looking studio space that isn’t offered like this locally, but I get to bless families by allowing them to take their time and take the session slow and enjoy it. I believe so strongly in creating a space for parents to feel peace during their session, and it truly makes all the difference.

This sweet newborn Lucas was a JOY to have in the studio. He was 2 weeks old on the button for his session, so he still has his lovely newborn smooshiness. At the beginning of the session, as is totally normal, this sweet babe wanted his mama and nothing else. After a quick feed and swaddle, he was at complete peace! I HIGHLY recommend using one of the swaddles I have in studio. They are special swaddles (not like the kind you buy for home) and they wrap the baby both beautifully and keep them effectively sleepy.

For more ways to see how to prepare for your newborn session, see this blog post I did on How to Prepare for your Newborn Photos.

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