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Salem Oregon Studio Newborn Photos

Salem Oregon Studio Newborn Photos

THE TIME HAS COME to see these Salem Oregon Newborn Photos in my very own newborn studio. You heard it right, after searching for well over a year- I finally found the perfect space for the Kenzi Shipley Photography lifestyle newborn studio in Salem, Oregon!

Let’s rap this out, because I’m sure you have questions…

What’s a lifestyle newborn studio?

A lifestyle newborn studio is a room set up for newborn photos with a lifestyle emphasis. Think “beautifully furnished space with an emphasis on natural light.” This studio space boasts the pretty white walls that you expect with my work, a beautiful brick wall and high ceilings boasting huge windows that provide the dreamiest natural light. The studio is set up with a bed and decor, setting the stage for authentic, connected and naturally guided newborn photos. Basically a pretty room that you don’t have to clean or set up in advance like you would for in home newborn photos. Less stress and prep for you, mama! Lifestyle studio newborn photos are the best because they yield relaxed, authentic images that show the genuine connection in your family. Real life in a new season in a pretty space.

What’s the benefit of you having this studio for your clients?

Here are the biggest benefits!

  • Real bed- it makes a difference, many studios don’t have them. I myself used to use an air mattress. This is way better!
  • The unique look of this studio. Specifically the huge windows, delicious natural light and the fun brick wall! No other local photographer has a set up like this and I don’t rent to other photographers. So this is a look you get specifically when booking with me.
  • To my knowledge, this is the first privately owned lifestyle newborn studio in Oregon. HOW COOL! This sort of work is popular in the midwest, but is still a unique experience here in Oregon. One we really need!
  • More options in the look AND in what I can do for newborn individual shots. I now have the ability to do some baby wraps and light, baby led, bean bag posing. Basically, I can offer more!
  • More flexibility in scheduling! I am no longer at the mercy of using other studios and having to hope for schedule openings at it. This is my studio alone, so it is easier to schedule your new baby session!
  • EVENTUALLY- I will be opening up the side room to my studio. This room will have wraps for the babe, fun things to personalize the space, snacks, coffee and the best part… a little movie area for the older siblings to be entertained after their part of the family photos are done! I can’t tell you how nice this will be for parents with multiple kiddos. And it makes it fun for them, as it should be!
  • You can take your time. No big time limit, you can take the session slow and relaxed!
  • No big prep for you! Bring yourselves and some outfits, that’s it! No rushing to clean the house first while taking care of a newborn. Instead, use the studio and enjoy the peace of it!

Why Salem Oregon Studio Newborn Photos?

Easy! Most of my clientele live in Corvallis, Salem or Portland. Salem is central and had the cool historic buildings to provide the look desired! The studio is 47 minutes from Corvallis, 33 minutes from Albany and 45 minutes from Tigard. It’s very, very centrally located! The studio is at 147 Commercial St NE in Suite 10 + 11, in Downtown Salem.

Let’s talk more about these Salem Oregon Newborn Photos!

This was the first family in the studio and it was amazing. Baby Jameson made the session the cutest! In family/ baby led newborn lifestyle sessions, it is how it sounds. We go with the natural flow of the session. This little guy was wide awake and was not feeling sleep, but the results are just as special! We had the freedom to take our time being in studio. Mama could stop and feed, Jameson felt at peace and we were able to get some truly special photos.

The specs, because it matters was the session started at 2pm and went until about 5pm. In the summer months, this is the sweet spot time wise at the studio. I provided the wrap and we really focused on the connection of it all. As you see, here are my favorites!

Ready to book your Salem Oregon Studio Newborn Photos?

I sure hope so! There is so much excitement in this season and I am so passionate about this space. It will be so special to photograph so many beautiful families in this new space! Reach out to book a Salem Oregon studio newborn session in this space! The session cost is $545 and once booked I will send a prep guide and outfit guide your way to make your session be even easier and more relaxed. If you’re after a maternity/ newborn package, I can send you the special pricing guide!

Contact me here to book!

I can’t wait for your newborn session in this space!



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