Mt Tabor Park Portland Family Session

Mt Tabor Park Portland Family Session

This Mt Tabor Park Portland Family Session gives me all the Fall vibes without being “in your face” Fall. And I kinda like that in this season!

Hear me out- I love Fall as much or more than most. It’s my time of the year to say the least! However, I love the way the subtle brown leaves pair with the dreamy Oregon green trees. The contrast in these colors paired with how this family styled their outfits made it one of my favorite Fall sessions of 2020.

Let’s Talk About Fall Family Sessions here at Mt. Tabor Park

If you have been to Mt. Tabor Park you know how high up it is! That means in the Fall there are specific things you should to to prepare for a family photo session here.

  • Dress warm and be prepared for wind. Long sleeves for parents and kiddos! For the kiddos specifically, I recommend sweaters and layers. A warm kid in October/ November is a happy kid!
  • Wear subtle patterns and textures. I would recommend sticking to neutral colors at thus location or rich blues/ greens or red/maroons. In this location I would avoid mustard yellow, moss/army green, browns or any light shade. This family nailed it with textures and rich colors that complimented the environment.
  • Bring a cute blanket- it’s good for the kiddos towards the end of the session!
  • Consider bringing cute beanies! Any extra options adds to the variety of photos and you may be thankful depending on the wind the day of your family photo session!
  • Expect a light walk and talk it up to your kiddos! Letting them know what to expect really helps!
  • Talk up the session in general. Use my name in advance to create familiarity with me earlier on, especially if they’re on the shyer side with new people. Talk about it like a fun event and if you want, include mention of snacks. Snacks always make things more fun! Especially when the kiddos are young, this helps a lot!

Things I Bring to Prep for your Fall Family Photo Session

  • Hand warmers. A must for October- March family sessions in Oregon.
  • Snacks! With your permission, I bring snacks to encourage the kiddos and keep the session fun! My go to’s are marshmallows, goldfish or fruit snacks. Works like a charm!
  • Nanners. This is actually not a banana but a stuffed monkey that attaches in my camera. I tell young kiddos he’s my assistant and to “look at Nanners!” for the photo. It’s fun and often works well!
  • A blanket for sitting photos! Sitting photos are honestly my favorite!
  • Other toys to help grab attention when needed! I usually have a light toy, a wood toy or a wood camera with me- just in case!

Ready for your Fall Family Photos this Year?

This year is already booking up so fast! I book up 2-3 months in advance typically, especially for weekends. Weekdays have a bit more flexibility typically! If you are ready for your family photos, let’s chat and get them planned! It’s the most beautiful time of the year!

Want to see another Fall Family session? Here are two of my favorites, one is at Canemah Bluff and the other in Salem, Oregon at Minto Brown Park!

Reach out and lets get it booked!

Happy Fall!


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