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Sunset Corvallis Maternity Family Photos

Sunset Corvallis Maternity Family Photos

These sunset Corvallis maternity family photos are warm, connected and an all together dream. From this session came something much bigger and so beautiful. This was the Nickens family’s first ever family photo session. I’ve ran into this a few times and think it’s just the biggest honor ever to get to take a families first photos. In this case, we got to do maternity photos as well! It was such a special session.

About This Session

We decided Bald Hill in Corvallis, Oregon was the best spot for this session. Honestly, it was better than I imagined and made me fall in love with this spot all over again. We started out the session by walking to my favorite spot. No matter the season, the oak trees and fields are consistently stunning. Once there, sunset was in full swing perfect timing! We jumped straight into family photos and talked a bit about the boys and the sweet babe on the way. I often photograph family sessions/ maternity sessions together. When I do this, I always do the family photos first. It’s always best to get the kids photos done so they can relax and run around a bit.

For the tail end of golden hour we changed direction and started the maternity photos. LIGHTING MAGIC. I love the end of golden hour and the beginning of blue hour- they’re always my favorite photos. Here we did photos of the couple and ended with photos of this beautiful mama. Such a peaceful, fun maternity family photo session.

The mama, Ashleigh, had something incredible to say that really felt important. She mentioned that her instinct was to feel bad doing all this photo stuff when her boys were born. This new babe is their last and life is a little different now, allowing them to have the opportunity to have these photos done. She told me after the session how grateful she was to do them for this baby, even when she wasn’t so sure about doing them. She talked about how special they were and how cool it was to include the older kids. Moral of the story: Don’t feel bad if you didn’t have maternity or newborn photos for your older kids. With your next baby, just go for it. You won’t regret it and they will be so so valuable to you.

The Mama Left This Sweet Review

Reviews fill my heart. Words of affirmation is my love language, so a written review is honey to my soul.

Ashleigh said, “Kenzi is always so professional and kind. Her eye for detail is amazing! She’s a genuine talent. She has recommended the best of the best, whether it be location, outfit, or pose. Our photos always come out breathtakingly beautiful and you can FEEL the love and happiness of our family in those moments. She also works so well with our kiddos, keeping it fun and entertaining for them!!”

I mean, I’m just so darn grateful for this family!

Let’s Briefly Talk Lighting For These Corvallis Maternity Family Photos

I mentioned golden hour and blue hour earlier. These are the best times for any photo session. Golden hour is the hour after sunrise or before sunset where the sun is lower, creating warm, soft light. Blue hour, which is vastly underrated in my opinion, is when the sun is below the horizon, lighting the sky up into a vivid blue and turning things like grass into a more vivid, colorful version. I heavily recommend these times because there are no harsh shadows and the light is softer and very flattering. Here’s another session at this location for August golden hour. See how warm and toasty it is?

So What I’m Saying Is

So what I’m saying is, no matter where you are in life, no matter what your photography session history is- take the plunge now. You won’t regret having these photos and your experience will be a relaxed, fun experience that really means something.

Ready to plan? Reach out here! I have a questionnaire and outfit guide to help you with a laid back session experience.



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