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Bald Hill Corvallis Maternity Session

Bald Hill Corvallis Maternity Session

Oh how I love Bald Hill in the summer! Bald Hill is a natural area in Corvallis, Oregon- and it is one of the best spots for Corvallis Maternity photos! Let me tell you, in the Spring, Summer and Fall it is one of my all time favorite spots to photography couples, families and maternity sessions at. What makes this spot drop dead gorgeous is the oak trees are jaw dropping and the golden fields are just good for the soul. Ultimately, I highly recommend a Bald Hill Corvallis Maternity session here!

The Seasons at Bald Hill

Winter Corvallis Weather for Photos

Don’t count out the winter here! There is a barn structure (pictured) that give reprieve from the rainy Oregon winter weather. Also, being in Corvallis, you are very close to The Gray Lab’s Corvallis studio, which is one of the best casual light studios locally. So you can have a super solid back up plan in case of wild winter weather.

Spring Corvallis Weather for Photos

Spring here at Bald Hill Corvallis is seriously the prettiest. If you time it right you’ll catch beautiful fields, wild flowers and a back drop of these beautiful oak trees. In the spring here, the oak trees provide some relief if there’s rain, as well as the barn option and studio backup plan.

Summer Corvallis Weather for Photos

Well, you see it here. This Bald Hill Corvallis Maternity Session was done in late August. Virtually no chance of rain, stunning oaks, a little shade from the barn and rolling golden fields. You can do no wrong with having your session here.

Fall Corvallis Weather for Photos

See these pretty oaks and golden fields? Add beautiful colored oak leaves falling from the trees and you have a true Fall dream. Bald Hill Corvallis has one of my all time favorite Fall session looks. Also, that barn provides relief from rain if there is some!

Recommendations for Bald Hill Corvallis Maternity Sessions

  • Bring an extra pair of shoes for everyone in the fam for Spring, Winter + Fall sessions. Wear shoes that can get dirty on the walk to the photo spot and put on other shoes at the location. Seasonally it can get pretty muddy!
  • A fun idea would be to bring a picnic blanket and a fun treat for after your session to get the kids hyped for a post session prize OR just a nice little date moment at sunset for you and your partner! Also, it’ll make some cute photos to end on!
  • Plan your session in most seasons for golden hour- so early morning or before sunset. These photos we at golden hour in the late summer (about 8pm) and you can see how soft and beautiful the light is. It’s important to avoid full sun during the day as it is harsh, unflattering light that casts a lot of intense shadows. Photos are an investment, so it’s worth planning for the sun!

A Few Maternity Session Tips

Something about maternity sessions make me so happy. There is so much joyful anticipation in them- it’s a beautiful thing to capture. Here are some tips to help prep you for your maternity session!

  • I recommend your maternity session being between 32-36 weeks pregnant. Everyone is different though, so this is not a rule, just a guide. I usually this 33 weeks is the best!
  • Ladies bring two outfits at minimum- so important! Maternity sessions thrive off of variety in wardrobe. It just gives you more options and more unique photos. Go ahead and bring 2 shirts for your guy too (just in case). A good rule of thumb is something more casual and something more flowy and epic. If you want a third option, I recommend a more intimate, earthy look!
  • Neutral + muted colors are always the best for photos! If you’re a big color person, this is a spot where I would recommend bringing one bolder option, just for fun! The color palette of this location is neutral enough you can get away with adding a little more color in!
  • Mom + dad need to have full bellies before the session. It helps, I promise.
  • Bring water! It always helps!
  • Relax! My style is laid back and I’m always happy to guide you through poses. So enjoy your session and have fun!

Also, I have a full page devoted entirely to maternity sessions! There’s even an FAQ! Check it out here!

Stops to make in Corvallis before your Session

  • Market of Choice to get a special picnic snack for the end of your session. The chocolate moose cups are my fave.
  • Tried + True is the best coffee in the Willamette Valley and worth the caffeine before hand! They also have no caffeine options that are still yummy if you’re avoiding caffeine!
  • Sky High Brewery or American Dream Pizza are fantastic spots for food after your session!

Overall I Highly Recommend a Bald Hill Corvallis Maternity Session

What can I say, this Bald Hill Corvallis Maternity session was one for the books. I loved every minute of this session and am fully excited for the next story I get to capture there for some sweet expecting couple or family (because kids are welcome in maternity sessions too!).

Want to see another maternity session? Click here! Interested in more about maternity sessions with me? I have a full page devoted to maternity sessions here! Ready to book your maternity/ family/ newborn photos with me? Here’s the place to get it started! Reach out and let’s get this special season documented- it is so unique and worthy of being documented.

Wishing you the warmest + the best!


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