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Salem Oregon Mother Daughter Photos

Salem, Oregon Mother Daughter Photos

These Salem Oregon Mother Daughter photos were the cutest and funnest session. The mama in these photos was gifted this session as a Mothers Day gift- and honestly it was the coolest gift! Having A LOT of nieces and nephews, I’ve seen that dads seem to have all the photos with their kids because mom is the one always snapping shots on her phone. It’s such a special session to be able to highlight mom and her connection with her babies. Motherhood is beautiful, hard, sacrificing, fun, a marathon, too quick.. all of the things. But mostly, it’s one of the most powerful displays of love and is so worthy of being documented.

Tips to Prepare for the best Salem Oregon Mother Daughter photos

  • Make a day of it! After your session have cake and cocoa at Isaacs in downtown Salem! The chocolate cake is to die for and it will be a fun little mother daughter date!
  • If your daughters are young, talk about the special session with your kiddos a couple days in advance! This helps make them excited and it will help the kiddos feel at ease during your session!
  • It doesn’t matter what age you are, don’t come to a session on an empty stomach. Seriously. It makes a difference.
  • Coordinate outfits based on a palette, not necessarily matching! I always think coordinating muted + neutral colors looks best! This mama chose a small print on a flowy dress and it looks great! Beware though of bold patterns and prints, that can be overwhelming. In photo, subtle is always best!
  • Schedule a golden hour session- so either in the early morning or before sunset. This session was done at golden hour in the evening in the Spring, so at about 7 pm. Doing the photos at this time allowed us to be in full fields without having to deal with harsh shadows. I guarantee a late bedtime is worth the softness of this light- it’s so dreamy!
  • Wear bug spray depending on the season. Especially in field photos!

Some great places to shop mother daughter looks

Remember, the flowier the dress the better the look!

Ready to book your Salem, Oregon mother daughter photos?

Ready to book your mother daughter session, you can do that here! Want to see some family sessions? Those are here!

These mother daughter sessions are a special and unique thing. I know I always say it, but I am so grateful to have gotten to capture this sweet season for this mom and her baby!

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