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Portland Oregon Extended Family Photos

Portland Oregon Extended Family Photos

These Portland, Oregon extended family photos are a great representation of what to expect when you book an extended family photo session. This family reached out wanting individuals of each family, group photos and photos of the new babies with their grand parents. I love sessions like this because I love getting to know the whole family- it’s a fun way to get to know my clients in a way I wouldn’t be able to during a regular family session. I also believe strongly in how important these kinds of sessions truly are. They’re not the yearly photos you get with your own immediate family year after tear, but they are a powerful way to preserve moments for the whole family and capture meaningful images with all your loved family members.

What is an Extended Family Photo Session?

Otherwise known as generational photos, extended family photo sessions are sessions that your extended family- parents, siblings, grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles- whatever your extended family looks like. These photos are often multigenerational and quickly become the most precious keepsakes. The way I approach extended family photo sessions is by seeing them as a chance to get every combination of family members as possible. You never know what life will bring next, so I approach these sessions with the perspective that every combination and sweet candid moment is extremely valuable. These sessions are up to 2 hours long and include photos of individual families, group photos and every combination in between. I deliver 80+ beautifully edited images that I highly recommend my clients print so that they can hold onto these moments for forever.

My Own Experience with Generational Family Photos

There have been multiple instances in my own life where my own family has taken the leap and gotten extended family photos. First before my own grandma passed away from cancer- we were young, but these photos are so special to me. I loved my grandma very much and remember her often, but as I was fairly young, some memories slip. These photos we have with her are infinitely precious to me, as are the other family photos from that day. Photos with my parents, my sister, my cousin, aunts and uncles- I value it all.

This last year we did more generational family photos- my family got BIG. Husbands and lots of kiddos were added to the mix. As I get older, photos like these become even more meaningful. The photos we had done last fall mean so much to me. They even prompted us to do a similar photo with my family on my husbands side. These extended family photos have such a long term and profound spot in my heart and my home. I’m so grateful for every image.

Portland Oregon Extended Family Photo Session Locations to Consider

This session below was done at Mt. Tabor in Portland, Oregon. Mt. Tabor Park is a great location because it has wide open spaces (good for images AND covid friendly) and solid shade for if a sunrise or sunset session doesn’t work for your timeline! These photos below were done during the full summer sun, but the shade cover from the trees created pretty light and kept ugly shadows and heat off of the families!

Here are a few more great spots in Portland, Oregon!

  • Pittock Mansion is a beautiful spot for extended family photos, especially if you are wanting a pretty garden vibe!
  • Cooper Mountain Nature Park has what I love the most for a backdrop. FIELDS! I’m a huge fan of golden fields and for good reason. The golden tones from the fields reflect beautifully on the skin creating gorgeous, warm images. This is definitely a spot where I recommend sunrise or sunset photos.
  • The International Rose Test Garden is a great spot for extended family photos. There are some shady spots, but tons of variety in different backdrops! We can even drive up the road a bit for a forested look too at Hoyt Arboretum!
  • Canemah Bluff Nature Park is one of my favorite spots. Something about the oaks and the lush tones makes my heart super happy. A beautiful spot for extended family photos! I have a gallery at Canemah Bluff here!
  • Government Cove is just outside of Portland and truly gorgeous. Mountains for days with only a short walk! Here’s a session there!
  • Thinking about driving south a bit? Minto Brown Island Park in Salem has some of the best fields there ever were. It’s one of my favorite spots. Here’s a family session there in late October and a maternity session there in early September!

I also highly recommend picking spots that mean something to you! I’ve done a lot of these sessions at my clients own properties or while they’re on vacation in Bend or the Oregon Coast. Both are such special ideas!

What to Wear to Your Portland, Oregon Extended Family Photo Session

Coordinating so many outfits can be tough! I created a guide to help you plan outfits that look great in photos so you can have a photography experience that is stress free! I am also available to you to ask questions and run ideas by- I’m here for you!

A few outfit coordination rules of thumb!

  • Choose neutral and muted colors. IE soft blues, mustard yellow, navy, burnt orange, whites- all good! Bright reds, neons, royal blues, greens- these colors aren’t typically recommended!
  • Choose small patterns and avoid big or bold patterns or prints.
  • Think about a color palette not identical matching shirt that are all the same exact color.
  • Think flowy for dresses instead of tighter styles.
  • Consider the background! IE green apparel in a forest is not recommended! Or if you are in the middle of a mountain range, pattens and prints may be too overwhelming.
  • Comfort is #1. Be comfortable over anything else!

Ready to Book?

These sessions are so special! I hope I conveyed the value of them well! They hold so many special memories for years to come. To learn more about family photo sessions and see pricing, here is a link to that page! Want to see another extended family photography session? Here it is! Ready to reach out and get it booked? Reach out here to chat!

Talk soon!



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