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Lincoln City Extended Family Photos

Lincoln City Extended Family Photos

As a photographer that serves the Lincoln City area, Lincoln City extended family photos are so special. If you’ve had extended family photos done before, you know how meaningful they really are. Lincoln City has so many epic beaches to shoot at in and around the city. From green grass oceanside cliffs to rocky beach terrains- Lincoln City has it all! This fun family chose a beach right outside their vacation beach house and it couldn’t have worked out better!

I grew up an hour and change from Lincoln City and can’t believe how many amazing spots I didn’t know about! My favorites in the area (within 25miles) are here.

Why Extended Family Photos

You’ll hear me say it a lot- because I sincerely believe it. Life moves SO fast and you never know what will happen tomorrow. These photos are so precious and valuable to have- not just for yourself- but for generations to come. My family personally does these photos every few years and I highly recommend it. Especially as you have new babies join your family, those sweet photos of your babies with your parents, their cousins, or even your own grandparents- are truly priceless. I talk more about it and share another extended family session here, take a look!

The Details

I get it! Sometimes the details feel overwhelming! In this family session there was 5 separate families to plan for and coordinate. Here are some tips I recommend to make your Lincoln City Extended Family Photos a breeze!

  1. Pick a color palette. Picking a few colors for the whole family to choose from relieves a lot of stress! Keep it loose! For example, this family had a palette of navy, shades of blue, white and shades of pink. The colors went together well and the loose palette made it easy for every family to get on board- stress free. If you want more specific guidance, I can send you a detailed outfit guide I created for my clients!
  2. Consider renting a beach house and making it a family trip! That way the kiddos aren’t in a car all day and you get family time to catch up and connect before your session!
  3. Eat dinner or a good size snack first. Parents, babies- whoever you are- full bellies equal a successful session.
  4. Talk it up to your kiddos in advance! Telling them excitedly, “we’re going to the beach to take photos with Kenzi- she’s going to take fun pictures of us, and grandma and cousins….” This builds the hype for them, makes them familiar with me and prepares them for different photo combinations.
  5. Ditch the shoes! It’s a beach session and I promise I won’t get close up feet photos! Well, maybe just the babies- but what’s cuter that sandy baby toes!

What Photos Do You Get During Extended Family Sessions

You can expect all the combos you can think of! I usually get the full group photo right off the bat. Then I move to cousin photos and photos of babies/kiddos with grandparents. Those are typically the more difficult images for young kiddos, so we do them first! Then we move into sibling photos, photos with your parents, individuals with parents/ grandparents if you want them and then move to individual families! You heard it, I include a few shots of the individual families too! AT the end, if you’re up for it, I love grabbing some candids of each family walking out into the ocean and jumping waves. Really, I aim to get all the different shots that you’ll look back on and value for years to come.

The Best Season to have Oregon Coast Photos Done

In my opinion late Spring, Early- Mid Fall and Late Summer are the best times for Oregon Coast beach photos. The height of summer is also great, but I would suggest using my “secret spot” in Neskowin to beat the crowds. Another great idea is doing a weekday session. Weekday sessions beat the crowds and that’s always worth it.


Ready to book yourLincoln City Extended Family session? It’s a rich and worthwhile experience that you get to keep forever. Reach out here to pick a date, location and get on the books!

Until next time!


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