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Salem Oregon Birth Photography

Salem, Oregon Birth Photography

Let’s talk about Salem, Oregon Birth Photography. Birth photography has been on the rise the last few years. I believe it’s because this generation of mamas believes in powerful story telling, the beauty and intensity of birth and the value of having their memories professionally photographed. Birth photography is often skipped, but is probably the most emotive + powerful photography experience out there. This birth story photographed below of baby Sampson was one of the most impactful and significant things I’ve ever photographed. Whether in a hospital, at home or at a birthing center- all these births are so beautiful, emotional and worthy of being documented.

Why Choose to Have Your Birth Photographed

  • Whether one baby or five, these are rare and powerful life moments. Once these moments are gone, you’ll never be able to repeat them. Having these impactful and special moments preserved is huge. The first time you see your baby, hold your baby, the tears in your husbands eyes, your babies first breath, the connection between you and your husband in the midst of labor.. priceless and beautiful moments. A cell phone photo can’t capture that.
  • You and all those in attendance get to be present. Fully and completely in the moment. No asking your husband/ mom/ doula to pull back from the moment and snap some cell photos. When you hire a birth photographer you get to all be fully in the emotions and the joy of the moment.
  • Time goes too fast. These immediate photos of your sweet baby after birth will be something to look back on weeks and years later. Remembering the tininess is a big deal.
  • These aren’t just photos- it’s a documentation and story of this experience. Your wedding, maternity photos- all that love is leading up to this one beautiful moment that deserves to be captured. The moment your baby is here, the moment your heart grew 10 times its normal size, the time you learned your capacity to love more when you thought you wouldn’t be capable. They’re not just photos.
  • Photos you wouldn’t think of. The passion in the labor, your families faces when they see the baby for the first time, dads first skin to skin contact, the kiss with your husband post birth, looking into your babies sweet eyes, feeding your baby for the first time… these candid moments can be captured with a confident and story telling birth photographer.

Why Salem, Oregon Birth Photography? Is it only Salem?

Birth photography is more location based than anything else. Where I live I’m able to serve Salem, Corvallis, Albany, Lebanon and Eugene Oregon. I limit my range to this because as a birth photographer it makes more sense to remain local. I photograph most sessions all around the state, but birth photography is a small geographic area. As a birth photographer, I’m invited into a sacred place during a very vulnerable and special life experience and being able to be there quickly is a part of serving you well.

Salem, Oregon Birth Photography FAQ

It’s such a personal experience. I’m concerned you would be in the way or I would feel awkward. What is it like having you there?

I’m a true fly on the wall. I have a variety of lenses and techniques that allow me to stand back and blend into the room. It’s like I’m not even there, unless you need me for something. Since I’m there to document , I stand back and document your natural moments. Reviews I’ve had in the past have mentioned they didn’t even notice I was there most of the time. As far as feeling awkward goes- I get that. What I’ve been told is that you really stop caring pretty quick since you are so focused on laboring. From my perspective, this is a beautiful thing that I’ve done before and feel fully comfortable photographing. My goal is to put you at ease so you can feel relaxed having me there for such a personal moment. To do this I recommend meeting up for a cup of decaf coffee before your birth or a phone call. During this, you will feel more comfortable since you’ll know the person who will be there photographing it.

How long will you be there?

We talk more about this through the process, but I am typically there for the full active labor and up to two hours afterward for more connected family photos and “firsts.” So basically, when I get the call you’re in labor, I set off to you!

What if I have a C section, my baby needs extra treatment post birth or have the baby before you get there?

Some hospitals allow photographers into the room, others don’t. Either way I can be there waiting to photograph the powerfully emotional moments with your family and new baby. If your baby needs extra care from staff, I can come back for connected photos later in the day. If you labor quickly, I’ll be there minutes later to take the connected photos of new baby moments. I purposely stay within an hour range so I can get there fast.

What does it cost? Do you take payment plans?

My birth photography starts at a flat $800. I offer flexible payment plans and discounts when you include your maternity and newborn session with me too. Having the maternity session with me also gives you more of a chance to feel comfortable with me before your birth- a win win!

How many photos do I get?

It varies on the length of your birth! I promise it will be enough to tell the story. See the below as an example of what to expect.

Are all the photos B+W?

I love B+W photos- they show emotion in a way colored images never could. In addition, the lighting in births can be pretty dark, so B+W can be more aesthetically pleasing. We talk more about this later in the process. I am happy to include color images (no additional cost), but it all shakes out with how the specific birth goes and with your lighting preferences! We talk about all this before the birth!

What if I don’t want the photos shared online?

You’re not alone! I am happy to keep them private- just communicate that with me before you sign your project proposal/ contract. I do offer a small discount if you are okay with me sharing them on my website and social media. Sharing these beautiful moments help connect me to work with other expecting mamas.

So what’s next? Ready to chat about your Salem, Oregon Birth Photography

Let’s chat! You can fill out the contact form here! From there, I’ll send you a pricing guide and a questionnaire. Once you decide what you are wanting in the pricing guide, the questionnaire will ask questions that help me serve you well! From there, it will prompt you through the booking process. Then depending on your package we’ll schedule a time to get together or for your maternity photos.

I love birth photography so much and I feel pretty honored to be a part of the Salem, Oregon Birth Photography community. It’s a supremely special thing to photograph and I’m so grateful to those who trust me to capture these sweet moments.

Talk soon!



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