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Oregon Coast Maternity Photos

Oregon Coast Maternity Photos

I have been dying to share these Oregon Coast Maternity photos with you for so long! This beautiful expecting couple and their super fun toddler made all my Oregon Coast maternity photo dreams come true! Dreamy, joyful and connected.

About the Maternity Photo Session

These three chose Cape Kiwanda as the backdrop for their maternity family session. I am very familiar with Cape Kiwanda, shooting sessions at this location maybe more than any other to date. Cape Kiwanda boasts so many beautiful views, each shoot here looks different and has so much variety. This family opted to stay at the bottom of the sand mountain, as it was VERY windy on this day! Most times we hike to the top where there are beautiful cliff and punchbowl views- but with a 3 year old and in a cold dress, it didn’t make sense to go on a uphill hike in the sand. Luckily, Cape Kiwanda in Pacific City has stunning and unique coastal views at the bottom of the hill- some of which are pictured here! We were also so grateful that the red rocks featured gave us great reprieve from the windy conditions! It’s good to know there are options to avoid wind when shooting at this Oregon beach!

Let’s talk Outfits

Well, first of all, they nailed it. All of them chose muted tones that photographed BEAUTIFULLY with the sandy beaches AND the bold red rocks. Not an easy feat! That’s a reason why muted colors and neutrals are so great- they can adapt to most situations and leave you and your families connection the highlight of the images. The backdrop just enhances the image- it’s not overwhelming or loud. Simple, peaceful and pretty.

I have great news too- the dress this mama is wearing is in my client closet! That means that it is available to you to use for your session! This dress was bought specifically for how it photographs and how comfortable and flowy it is for expecting mamas. After each use I was it with free + clear detergent and it sits waiting for it’s next maternity photo session. I love offering this because it takes a some of stress out of the maternity shoot process. No need to buy a new dress to wear only once, instead you can use the client closet dress and only have to worry about your husband and kiddos outfits. At least for them, khakis and a muted or neutral button down are timeless and look great in photos. See the session below for proof!

A Few Tips for Finding the Perfect Maternity Photo Session Dress

The client closet concept isn’t for everyone! Here are a few tips for maternity dresses that photograph great!

  • Tighter is not typically better. It’s easy to think that choosing tighter maternity dresses will highlight your bump better in photos. This is a bit of a myth. Often times the material used in the tighter styles bunch and create unflattering dress wrinkles in photos. What you want is a flowy dress! A dress that flows in the wind and shows movement will always photograph better! Movement is a big deal in photography! Plus, I guide you through where to put your hands on your bump- emphasizing it in a more timeless and pretty way!
  • Wear neutrals or muted colors. Avoid red, royal blue, greens, bright yellows, neons and bold prints or patterns. Trade those in for mustard yellow, burnt orange, pastels, whites, taupes, tans, maroons and forest greens. Also, add in some texture! Lace, swiss dots- any of that is good in my books!
  • Don’t match- compliment! Wear coordinating colors, not matching colors!
  • Don’t be afraid to show a little skin! This adds a sweet intimacy and rawness to the images! Even if it’s just one look!
  • Mamas should try to bring 2-3 outfits to the shoot. Variety is great in maternity sessions. In this session, the toddler kept us busy and blessed with variety. If you don’t have young kiddos, the hands on the belly photos can become repetitive and different outfits add a mix of variety and change the vibe a bit! Also, multiple outfits gives you the freedom to try something that shows a little more belly for a few and then more traditional looks for the other outfits. It gives you the freedom to get bold with you photos without them all being super bold.

Why Oregon Coast Maternity Photos?

Aside from them being absolutely gorgeous, the Oregon Coast has a lot to offer for photography sessions! Here are my favorite selling points!

  • If you have kiddos, this gives them space to run and have fun. To get wiggles out and really enjoy the experience as something special and unique!
  • The beach is playful, romantic, moody, fun- whatever you want it to be! It’s a great blank canvas!
  • You can make a weekend out of it! Dare I say, babymoon?! Spend a connected weekend relaxing together before your baby comes and end it with your maternity photo session. Not a bad idea and it makes the experience all the more fun!
  • If you’re lucky you’ll get an epic sunset, moody skies or emotive wind. Chances are you’ll get at least one of those! All set the scene for GORGEOUS maternity photos!

On the Fence About Getting Maternity Photos? Here’s Why You Should.

First baby? Fifth? This season is no more or no less a beautiful little miracle that deserves documentation. Even if you missed it with your older kiddos, it’s still so special and so WORTHY of being captured. It’s honestly the sweetest thing too, when the older kiddos get involved in the maternity photos. I mean, look at this gallery!

I’m a big believer that all the big seasons of life deserve to be artfully preserved in photo form. Even through pregnancy, the highs and the lows. The pretty moments and the hard moments. It’s unique to you and worth photographing. Being able to look back years from now and remember- it’s so worthwhile.

Ready to Book?

YAY! You really won’t regret it- it’s so important to be able to remember. Reach out here for information on my maternity photos and even packages including baby led newborn photos. Want to see a full page on maternity photo sessions? Here it is!

Lastly, reach out here to book or to chat about your maternity photo session! Oregon Coast or more local, I’m here to guide you through it all!

Until next time!



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