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Portland Oregon Newborn Photos

Portland Oregon Newborn Photos

These Portland, Oregon newborn photos were an absolute JOY to photograph. I have always felt a huge passion for these once in a lifetime type session. I talk about it everywhere, but the fleeting “new baby” season is too short and they grow too fast. Creating meaningful and connected newborn photos feels important and valuable to me. I even “joke” with my husband that when we have babies I’m going all out on all the professional baby photos- so you know how serious I really am about these sweet, fleeting moments.

Let’s Talk About the Experience

I have put a lot into creating a custom and unique Portland, Oregon newborn photo experience for my families. One that makes life easy and sessions FUN (it’s possible, I promise!). I’ve implemented a few big things to make newborn photography experience relaxed, connected and as easy as can be!

Consider a Maternity/ Newborn Photography Package

It’s worth considering! Not only do you get a discount for booking together, you get a more cohesive photography experience. Being able to meet you and photograph you and your partner/family before your baby is born is very valuable. It allows for us to get to know each other and helps you guys feel more comfortable with me and how I guide you through prompts and poses in your session. It also is a beautiful way to begin working together for years to come. My all time favorite part about being a photographer is getting to know families well and getting to photograph their growing family through the years. Where clients become friends that I get to capture from year to year- big moments and small. It’s so so special.

Studio is Best

There are a lot of opinions out there, but I’m going to throw it out there. Studios are best. There is a beauty in in home sessions, I don’t deny it (see an in home session here), but for the best quality images, the best light and most consistent editing/ tones it needs to be in a natural light studio. I believe this so passionately that I don’t charge extra for them like most photographers do. Quality images for you is more important to me than anything. This specific studio, Studio Northwest, is located in Portland, Oregon and is my favorite in town. I work there often, allowing me understand the space and light well- getting you the best photos. Using this studio also provides a luxury newborn photography experience for you- and even better- there’s no house to clean before the newborn session! Easier is always better when you have a brand new baby.

Styling for your Portland, Oregon Newborn Photo Session

When I talk with mamas about their photo sessions, they nearly always express their feelings on how hard it is to style themselves or their whole family for their newborn session. So, I came up with a few options to help. These options are all included in your newborn photo session. You can use one of them, all of them or none of them. It’s fully up to you!

  • Style Guide- I created a guide that talks about colors and styles that photograph well and look good with my own specific editing style. I also share what to avoid.
  • Style and Select– Normally $15 per use, I bought a subscription so you don’t have to! You take a quiz and Style and Select coordinates your outfits and sends you actual links to purchase them!
  • My Amazon lists- When you book with me I can send my Amazon lists I made! Affordable outfits for kids, adults and maternity that would looks great at any photo session.
  • I’m here for YOU. So just reach out if that is more your style! We can talk through some ideas!
  • My Own Client Closet- I currently stock XS-L dresses for mamas to use for their session if they don’t want to go out and buy something! I am continuing to stock more options in more inclusive sizes, it just takes a while and I’m a picky shopper!

I’ve got Tips + Tricks for your Newborn Photo Session

I’ve had the benefit of doing this a time or two! That means I have some tips and tricks that help you have the best Portland, Oregon newborn photo session ever. When you book with me, I share this with you!

My Unique Approach to Newborn Photo Sessions

I am a passionate believer that photo sessions should leave you feeling more connected than ever. I believe my job is to make the hard parts of getting photos done easy and create an environment that makes you feel relaxed and fully yourselves. Relaxed and connected. No matter the session type, it’s my biggest focus. I achieve this by allowing time and space to ease into your session- no need to jump in and be “on” every second of the session. This is a space where you can take it easy, soak in the experience and let the joy of this unique season settle in. You have the freedom to walk around, take a moment if you need it, feed your baby- anything. I use a lifestyle, baby led approach that allows for us to go with the photos and how your baby is naturally posed or comfortable in that moment. I am able to then guide you through poses and prompts that inspire connection and leave you at ease- allowing you to enjoy your photo session and have photos that truly capture who you are as a family. It’s good stuff.

Ready for a Unique Portland, Oregon Newborn Photo Experience

Ready for a unique newborn photo experience? hope so! I love meeting new families and getting to capture their biggest moments and their sweetest small ones. I really believe strongly in the value of newborn photos- I have had too many people tell me that they missed the opportunity for newborn photos and really regret it. They’re only little once and these moments are too precious not to have, especially years down the road.

Interested in seeing another newborn photography session? Here’s one that took place at a fun studio further south! I don’t charge travel fees for sessions within 100 miles of Salem, Oregon- allowing me to photograph a huge area and so many special families. If you’re in the greater Portland area, you now have the recipe for connected Portland, Oregon newborn photos that you’ll love looking back at for years to come.

Ready to book or chat more about your session? Click here and I’ll send you a pricing guide for your newborn photos and we can get to chatting about all the details of such a supremely special newborn session!

Talk soon!



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