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Neskowin Maternity Photos

Neskowin Maternity Photos

These Neskowin Maternity photos are some of my favorite maternity photos EVER! Brie + Jordin made this session so fun and it was a blast hearing about how excited they are for their sweet little baby to come earth side!

The Location

We chose Neskowin Beach, which is host to the popular Proposal Rock that you see in the photos! Later I found out the couple chose this spot because they grew up going to this beach with family AND they had just gotten engaged at Proposal Rock! I LOVE LOVE LOVE when locations are meaningful to clients! It makes all the difference!

Why I love Neskowin

I shoot in Neskowin for many family and maternity sessions. I typically recommend Neskowin in place of Lincoln City when I have the option! Neskowin is a preferable spot for photos for these reasons:

  • It’s less crowded. Weekdays or weekends, it’s more private and less populated!
  • It’s a more interesting terrain! The rocks and driftwood add interest to the images!
  • Where the sun hits creates a really dreamy look to photos!

I even know about a “secret beach” here in Neskoowin that I love to recommend. There almost never anyone else there and it has the BEST rocks to climb on! If you want a Neskowin session, ask me for photos of the “secret beach.”

The Outfits

Maternity photo sessions can be tough to dress for in general, add the Oregon Coast weather to it and there’s a challenge! The best tips I have for choosing what to wear for Neskowin Maternity Photos:

  • Go with a collared white shirt for your guy. Avoid polos, linen is a plus! Obviously you can use different colors, but the white button up is a classic for a reason!
  • Wear earth tones.
  • Choose a long sleeve dress- even in the summer it’s chilly at the Oregon Coast!
  • Avoid tight fitting dresses- go with a flowy dress! Movement photographs well and it’s more flattering! As you can see, the hands are what emphasize the belly- not the dress itself.
  • Don’t worry about shoes! AT the beach it really doesn’t matter.

Feel Awkward Having Maternity Photos Done?

Don’t! I hear this a lot and I really understand. Maternity photos are special because they capture a truly unique season. The short season of pregnancy and the last photos before your life changes in such a huge and powerful way.

As far as awkward or cheesy posing goes- I guide you though every pose and tell you exactly how to stand and where to put your arms. It’s laid back and easy! You don’t have to know how to pose going into it and if you are a more reserved person, we can embrace the awkwardness together. I promise, no matter how silly you feel, it never shows in photos!

Ready To Book Your Neskowin Maternity Photos?

I hope so! Whether the photos are in studio, at a park or here at the Oregon Coast (see another Oregon Coast Maternity Session here)- they are so special and worth capturing. If we are being completely honest, I didn’t get maternity photos done when I was expecting my daughter. Life got unbelievably hard, my marriage was in a tough place and I kept telling myself that I would take some of just me by myself or I would ask a friend. I never did. And I regret it deeply- when I think about it, it makes me genuinely sad. I have so few photos to look back on from that time. So please, no matter where life is for you, learn from my own mistakes. Get the maternity photos. Get the newborn photos. These seasons are so fleeting, and when they are gone, they’re gone.

If you have any questions about a maternity session OR you want to book one, message me here.



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