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Maternity and Newborns

Salem Oregon Studio Maternity Photos

Salem Oregon Studio Maternity Photos

There are all different kinds of maternity photos you can do- the options are endless! These Salem Oregon Studio Maternity Photos are a great option for a few different reasons:

  1. It’s temperature and weather controlled. No rain, no freezing weather (especially if your baby is due in the Fall/ Winter/ Spring).
  2. It allows for privacy if you are a more private person. No outdoor traffic to be worried about, whether you like exposed belly photos or not.
  3. A more cozy, intimate feel. Whether the photos are with your hubby OR just you- a studio maternity session is a great way to highlight the intimate, special moments before your baby arrives.
  4. The indoor element can also have a more refined look, especially with solo photos paired with a long, flowy dress.
  5. Lighting- the lighting is nearly always good, this means that there is more flexibility in the time of the session. This is especially great for maternity family sessions with kids included in the photos.

Those are the big reasons clients often prefer a studio maternity session. I genuinely love this space and love sharing it with clients. Clients even choose to do maternity photos at my studio and at nearby Bush’s Pasture Park or Minto Brown for more variety in their maternity photos! I love being able to offer this! And honestly, just as a reprieve from the weather, it also has been amazing having this option for all maternity AND family clients!

How Should I Dress For A Studio Maternity Session

There are so many ways to dress for Salem Oregon studio maternity photos. What you wear for any session, sets the color tones in the photos and create the vibe of the images. In these photos, Brooke chose whites, warm neutrals and denim. The look is soft, relaxed and effortless. I love how it fit her personality and how it created an intimate vibe that really celebrates this season of sweet expectancy. As far as color tones go, using this soft neutral palette created soft and creamy tones when paired with the studio. I love the pretty and organic feel these have!

Other clothing options I love for studio maternity sessions:

  • Long, flowy dresses. I provide this white strapless dress for clients to use if they want. It creates beautiful, soft, dreamy photos for maternity and newborn sessions.
  • Any flowy dress in maroon, burgundy, forst green, burnt orange, neutrals, light blue, light pink or even black all look great in the studio! Please avoid bright green, purples, military green, bright yellow, bright red, bright orange , navy blue or royal blue.
  • Cozy sweaters with a thick knit look great, especially neutrals.
  • Bralette with long duster knit cardigan OR with oversized shirt.
  • Two piece flowy outfits for a boho feel.
  • Black maternity leotard look or long sleeve formfitting black dress for a more refined, artsy look.

Consider Salem Oregon Studio Maternity Photos

When you get ready to book your session, consider using the studio. It’s a great option provided for no extra costs to you. Many other photographers rent spaces session in big studios and have to add that cost onto your session price. Having this space to myself allows for a unique set up and less overall cost to you, the client. There is also privacy and flexibility in session times/ last minute bookings. And the photos are always so special and beautiful here!

My studio is located at 147 Commercial St. NE in Downtown Salem, Oregon. I can’t wait to see you there!



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