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Salem Oregon Fall Mini Sessions

Salem Oregon Fall Mini Sessions

Salem Oregon Fall Mini Sessions are debatably my most popular mini sessions of the year! Here in this post, I am sharing some of my favorite photos from last years mini session event! I will also share some of my big tips for having a great mini session, how these mini sessions work and where you can book your Salem Oregon Fall Mini Session this year! So buckle up, this is an informative and fun post to share with you all!

First Off, is a Fall Mini Session Right for You?

First off, do you love the Fall like me?! Then the answer is an automatic YES!

But in all seriousness, mini sessions are a great options for a lot of situations. If you are wondering if a mini sessions is good for you, here are some indicators!

  1. You only want a few photos. Mini sessions come with 10 images that you get to select via an online proof gallery. Perfect for if you already had your main session of the year OR if you really only need a few photos!
  2. Depending on the individual child, sometimes m ini sessions are the perfect length of time for young kiddos.
  3. You are on a budget and believe in the value of family photos. Some seasons of life come with smaller budgets, and I get that! It is so much better to book a mini session at a lower cost than it is to skip family photos all together. Please, use these mini sessions I have! Skipping yearly or bi-yearly family photos is too sad! Use this option to have a shorter session at a lower cost. IT’S MORE WORTH IT than you could ever understand today. Photos are heirlooms!
  4. You have a specific event it lines up with. You want only a couple maternity photos, Christmas card photos, back to school photos, a child’s birthday photos, it falls near your anniversary, you only want a couple of couple photos, you want just mom and kid photos or even just photos of your kids.
  5. You get photos done multiple times a year. I have a lot of families that book 1-2 full sessions a year and attend most mini sessions events for seasonal photos too. I relate to these clients. I am this client. My own daughter is the most photographed child in the world, I’m sure of it.

So basically, Fall Mini Sessions are right for everyone.

Best Tips For Amazing Salem Oregon Fall Mini Sessions

Here are some tips for an amazing mini session experience!

  1. Come with full bellies! Adult or child, I promise it helps.
  2. Come dressed for the weather- especially for the kiddos. Cold kiddos are unhappy kiddos. Give them a cozy hat and sweater if it’s cold or a cute dress if it’s warm. This is a big deal!
  3. Incentive for young kiddos. Ice cream after for big smiles? Sprinkle donuts? Make it a fun reward!
  4. Talk about the session in advance and use my name. Doing this days in advance builds familiarity and fun around the photos. It’s important to make it fun, especially for young kids!
  5. Ask for my outfit guide! I have a guide full of outfit tips!

How Salem Oregon Fall Mini Sessions Work and How To Book One

It’s pretty easy! To book, use this link OR see more about my mini sessions here! These photos were taken at Bush’s Pasture Park, a favorite of mine! I love how many location options there are at this beautiful Salem, Oregon park! I have a full gallery from one of these families below, and more on the park, shared here!

For mini sessions, after you book your mini sessions slot, I will send an outfit guide your way! After that, I will send an email about a week in advance with specific location details and reminders of these tips! On the day of your session, it’s important to show up 10 minutes early to ensure you don’t miss your slot at your Salem Oregon Fall Mini Session! About a week after your session I will send you an online proof gallery and you can select 10 of your favorite photos to be edited! The gallery is delivered around 4 weeks after your session.

So Get It Booked!

So get it booked! It is a joy for me to offer sessions like this to my clients- old and new. Book here and join me in capturing some meaningful, heirloom photos that will be around for generations to come.



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