Salem Oregon Indoor Extended Family Photos

Salem Oregon Indoor Extended Family Photos

Okay, I’m excited about sharing these Salem Oregon Indoor Extended Family Photos. Mostly because of the sentiment that we have to wait for “good weather” for family and extended family photo sessions. Fall, Winter and Spring rain is no problem when using a natural light studio and the photos are so fun! Especially if you have a lot of years of outdoor photos- it’s a fun change! I also love studio family sessions for families with active toddlers. Sometimes it’s nice to be able to maintain a comfortable temperature, skip the rain possibilities, and be able to shut the studio door and not worry about herding them around outdoors.

These clients wanted a clean, indoor look for their Extended Family/ Generational Family photos. Naturally, The Gray Lab in Downtown Salem was perfect for them. It has great light, clean white walls and great furniture props for big families. My favorites from this session are the ones with the stools and the cozy muted green look!

Local Indoor Studio Options

You have a few options!

  • The Gray Lab Salem- Clean look and cool tones with a lot of furniture prop options.
  • The Gray Lab Corvallis- Clean boho look with warm tones. Has some furniture props.
  • My own studio for smaller families, see it here! Styled studio is small but has a vintage/ boho/ historic feel. The brick wall is the best part!

Please note that both Gray Lab studios are $50-$100 in addition to my family session costs, as they are beautiful rented studio spaces.

The Outfits

Keep in mind, when you book your Salem Oregon Indoor Extended Family Photos, I send you a full outfit guide to help you plan your session! With Extended Family Sessions I recommend choosing a palette- not just one color. Use 3-4 colors and let everyone choose the shade they want!

In the photos below, they chose a couple basic pallets and went with it! It turned out great! I also loved how they chose to do an outfit change, giving them variety in their images!

NOTE: This session does a good job in showing how different colors play a role in how the editing looks. Same great family, the different outfits totally change the photo looks!

Prioritize Extended Family Photos

We all know how busy life gets. It may be easy to say, “I’ll just take photos on my cell phone” or “money is tight, maybe next year” or even “it’s too much of a hassle to coordinate.” Don’t let these be your reasons to avoid having these heirloom photos done. They are so special to have. Having photos with your kids, your spouse, your parents, your grandparents, your sister, your nieces… is so valuable. More valuable than any reason not to.

And now you can have them done indoors at any time of the year, at any time of day. Consider Salem Oregon Indoor Extended Family Photos- they are so fun and so truly special to have.

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