Gray Lab Extended Family Photos

Gray Lab Extended Family Photos

These Gray Lab Extended Family Photos were really fun for me to get to photograph! This family had me photograph three generations in The Gray Lab Studio in Downtown Salem, Oregon. This fun indoor space was an excellent alternative for this family as rain threatened their originally booked outdoor session. The result was honestly amazing! The outfit colors they chose combined with the clean backdrops looked INCREDIBLE (as you can see in the photos below).

The Gray Lab Studio

The Gray Lab studio is an open, light space that is a natural light studio that is rentable by the hour. Located in Downtown Salem, I recommend this spot pretty heavily to my clients with big families in the late Fall, Winter and early Spring. Clients choose based on a recommendation I make, how many hours they want to book at the studio when doing sessions here. As of this post, it’s about $45 per hour to add this space onto your package.

I LOVE my own studio in Downtown Salem, but it is smaller in size and really geared to babies and small young families. The benefits of the Gray Lab for extended family sessions are:

  • Big space for big families.
  • A great way to avoid the rain and wind.
  • Many couch/ stool props for big families to incorporate in their photos.
  • Great natural light which is an excellent option when avoiding a rainy day.
  • Great location options. Salem studio is photographed here, but they also have a Corvallis location.
  • A good option for families who want a varied session experience. I have clients who use this space for the first half of their session, then use the nearby Minto Brown or Bush Pasture Park for the second half of their session. This gives them a lot of options. Also, some book this studio just as a back up in case of rain.

The Outfit Choices for The Gray Lab Extended Family Photos

Choosing outfits can be tough- that’s why I provide an outfit guide to help you plan out your outfits for your session! For big family sessions, I always recommend a color palette instead of matching perfectly. I love what this family chose, I can only describe it as “fall sunset” colors. They did a great job picking dresses with movement and not overdoing patterns. It looks incredible in this space!

Ready to Book?

Ready to book? Reach out here!

I also have another family session in this studio here for you to look at! Salem Oregon Indoor Extended Family Photos

I can’t wait to work with you and hope this inspires you to book an extended family session, even if the weather is a little rainy! Great family photos and the preservation of photographic memories are NOT based on the weather outside.



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