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Corvallis Maternity Photos in the Forest

Corvallis Maternity Photos in the Forest

I love these Corvallis Maternity Photos in the Forest! This couple was so kind and it was a joy photographing this sweet season of life for them! There is something so special about maternity photos.

This is one of my all time favorite forested photo locations- Peavy Arboretum! For the location, this is an especially a good spot if you have one of these needs:

  • A session location that provides some reprieve in case it rains.
  • A spot that looks cozy or winter-y (GREAT for Dec-February photos).
  • A forested spot that has enough light so that it doesn’t look overly moody and dark.
  • Close to Albany/ Corvallis and not far from Salem.
  • Has a magical feel if you do more formal wear, but cozy if you are more casual- like these photos!
  • Not an overly crowded location at this time of year!
  • GREAT spot if you have littles and want to do a non sunset session in the summer! Because there is shade, sunset time of day isn’t necessary.

I always recommend this spot for small families, winter/spring sessions, rainy days, maternity sessions or when clients want to do an earlier than sunset session in the summer.

The Look

I love how these photos are so cozy looking- that is largely due to the location and the outfits this couple chose! They did SO well! The muted colors they picked looked great and I love the added texture from the dress she chose!

In forests you have to be careful and avoid all greens, yellows, blues, navy, charcoal or black (if you are going a light and balanced look). Here I recommend neutrals and reds/ berry colors, even pinks. That way the correct tones reflect off the face.

And remember! After you book with me I send an outfit guide your way to help you plan your session!

To Book Corvallis Maternity Photos in the Forest

Ready to book? I’d love to help you with these special photos! Please contact me here to get started!



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