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Baby Weston// In Studio Newborn

Baby Weston// In Studio Newborn

I think these photos speak for themselves- this newborn session for baby Weston was pretty special. I love how relaxed and cozy these photos feel. It was a joy to have baby Weston// In Studio for his newborn photos.

Newborn Photos with Siblings

I love doing newborn sessions in general, but add in siblings and it is a lot of added fun. I know some parents feel anxious about adding in their other young ones, but try not to worry! It does add another element, but it’s a fun element! And we always get great photos. I alway recommend these tips when kids under 5 are included in newborn sessions:

  • Come with full bellies. You do not want to add a hungry toddler or baby into the mix!
  • Bring snacks! When the baby needs a feeding break, this is a great time for snacks for the older sibling too. ALSO, special snacks make great “rewards” for the reward motivated kiddo! I can’t count how many times “smile for and M&M” works.
  • Do family shots and sibling shots first! That way we get it while it’s still exciting and you don’t have to worry about keeping your older kiddo clean/ engaged/ on deck for any more photos. It truly creates a more relaxed session.
  • Bring activities for the older sibling. Since we finish their photos first, this gives some time for them to just chill while we do solo baby photos, mom and baby photos, dad and baby photos and parents and baby photos.
  • Avoid dresses without leggings/ bloomers for little girls and keep clothes cozy for both boys and girls. Comfortable ALWAYS photographs best. This studio set up also really enhances that look. If dresses are cutest/ comfiest for you guys, just make sure leggings or bloomers are on so that more movement based photos can be usable.

Ready to Book?

I hope these beautiful newborn photos and the sibling tips above help inspire you to take the leap and invest in these photos! They are genuinely so special and truly last for generations.

My most booked newborn package is $545 and includes 20 images that YOU get to choose from a proof gallery. These sessions are typically 2-3 hours so that you have the peace and time to truly relax and take it all in.

Use this link to contact me about scheduling your own newborn photos!



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