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Albany Oregon Newborn Photos

Albany Oregon Newborn Photos

These Albany, Oregon newborn photos were a freaking DREAM you guys! As a newborn photographer that specializes in Salem, Corvallis and Albany, I offer three different options for newborn sessions. Each option offers a unique lifestyle experience that makes your newborn session so connected and warm.

  1. In Home (recommended only in a home with neutral walls and that has LOTS of natural light)
  2. In Studio (I have my own! Or you can add on a studio spot at The Gray Lab in Salem or Corvallis, or this Albany studio that is photographed below!)
  3. Outdoors (recommended only in the Summer due to cold/windy weather)

This sweet family chose the studio option in Downtown Albany! This spot has a lot of props and displays very creamy, soft tones. The Gray Lab, or my personal studio boasts bolder and brighter tones.

Reasons to choose an Albany Oregon Newborn Studio Session:

  • SO many props! This spot has a bed, fun chairs, a couch, mirrors- the variety is great!
  • It’s warm + toasty! In Oregon we experience cold, wet and windy weather- so this beats the outdoors depending on the season!
  • You like a more soft toned look. Muted + warm. Cozy. Sweet. Sentimental.
  • You don’t have to prepare or clean your house- just show up!
  • You live in Albany, Oregon and want a studio look without a long drive!

Should I get Newborn Photos done? I’m on the fence.

I get it- a lot of families are. Especially when the word “recession” gets thrown around every other day and it is so expensive to buy groceries. I get it. It feels like an investment.. and that’s because it is! I will guarantee you, I have NEVER had a client tell me they regret having newborn family photos done. These moments are PRICELESS. In all honesty too, I hear a ton of mamas tell me how much they regret skipping them with their first kiddo.

If you are nervous about feeling like “you” during the photos- I get that too. Postpartum is weird, emotional, hard and your body feels foreign. I get it- and I get the stress. I will tell you, as a mama myself, even though I don’t love how I looked after I had my daughter, her newborn photos are literally my favorite thing I won. To me they tell a story of the person I was and the little person she was. We have both changed so much, the sweet reminder of that seaon is so special to me. I may remember the struggle from that season of life, but I also remember the beauty. And let;’s be real, our human brains tend to remember the hard stuff more than the good stuff. Having these photos remind me of the good stuff first. And THAT is worth it.

I would love to tell the story of these sweet and fleeting seasons of life for you. Whether an in home newborn session, a studio newborn session or an outdoor newborn session- I’m here to document these special moments for you. Reach out here to plan your session! Want more info? I have a full page devoted to them here!



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