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Kenzi Shipley Photography: New brand

New brand, new level of service for you!

I can’t even believe the time is here! I’ve only been hinting at these “big changes coming soon” for months + months! If you have been following along with my, Kenzi’s, journey the last two years- WELCOME. New brand, new us. This change has been a long time coming. As we add to what we offer, learn to solve new problems for our clients and grow- Kenzi Shipley Photography now serves it’s clients on a whole new level. We fully specialize now in newborns, family, maternity and small weddings/ elopements. Specializing really allows us to serve you better than ever.

Here are the big changes with the new brand:

Guess who is my official MVP second shooter and wedding go to guy!?

Justin has officially joined the wedding side of the company- he is with me at every wedding, helps with email communication, culling.. and more! He has shot every wedding with me since day one, but we thought it was time it was official!

We niched down

We specialized- this means we’ve invested in special education and leaned what really gave Kenzi Shipley Photography the extra “sparkle.” So now we’re fully invested in extra special experiences in these few things, instead of having a broad amount of offerings that we weren’t fully invested in. Things we don’t do- single person portraits, seniors or brand work.

A brand that feels right

We have a brand now that fully embodies what gives us peace- desert vibes mixed with the rolling hills of Oregon. We are in love and feel like our brand is a little peep into our hearts. A thank you to Alisabeth Designs for getting us started in this direction.

Photo Education

PHOTO EDUCATION WITH KENZI IS LIVE! Fun fact- I believe one of my life callings is to teach. I’ve always believed mentoring + teaching is so valuable. Investing in my own photo education is how I built this business so fast and in doing so I learned first hand that not all photo education is worthwhile. I am passionate about giving a worthwhile experience- not holding anything back, all meat- no fluff. Here I share tangible marketing goodies as well as tons of examples of what I’ve done that works and what I’ve done that doesn’t. I want to see everyone accomplish their business goals + hit that pretty 6 figure mark that gives them the ability to live out their dreams. I could go on about this, but I’ll let you check out the photo education page instead.

Families are finally getting the space they deserve!

This page gives my families the spot that they deserve. My heart for family photography is massive, and finally I have a website that reflects it. Family photography is so special, so unique and so precious. It’s my truest passion. I believe one of my biggest callings in this world is to photograph family sessions through the years. It is one of the few things I believe I was most meant for and I’m so excited to share more and more of it with you! You can see a whole page devoted to it here! I also made special pages for newborns and maternity sessions as well!

Small Weddings + Elopements

Small weddings and elopements instead of big traditional weddings. Don’t get me wrong, we love both. Big weddings can be so fun + connected. They’re where we started in photography and they’re nothing we’ll stop doing. We decided to jump more into the small wedding/ elopement concept because we’ve been there and get it. Justin + I had a small wedding years before they are what they are now. We understand the pressures of turning away from the traditional experience and doing thing differently- even when it isn’t popular with everyone in your circle. We believe our own experiences coupled with a rise in need for small wedding pros (hello global pandemic) equips us to serve these small wedding/ elopement couples really well in this time. And our goal is to always be good guides and serve + love our couples well. See more about it here, on a page fully devoted to couples!

Kenzi Shipley Photography: A Brand that Reflects Our Hearts

So many big changes- I am so excited to keep up with you all through this page and continue offering you a photography experience flooded in connecting + authentic moments. Those thoughts of connection centered experiences and images truly inspired the brand you now see everywhere on this website. A brand and design that embodies the peacefulness + connectedness I strive for. To me, the Willamette Valley’s rolling alpine glow hills + Central Oregon’s warm desert bring me calm- and now so does my brand. I hope that you feel the same sense of calm seeing it too.

If you made it here to the end, leave a comment telling me what you think of our brand/site! What page is your favorite?

If you are looking for Oregon family photos, small wedding or elopement photography, lifestyle newborn or maternity sessions- we’re here for ya! For education, we’re here for ya too! Reach out today to get to know us better and see if we are a good fit!


Kenzi + Justin

  1. Megan K Langan says:

    Love this!!!!! I have a feeling the best is yet to come!

  2. Brianne Neufeld says:

    Congratulations! The sight is gorgeous, love the color and feel. I always enjoy the “get to know us” pages. Would love to work with you again!

  3. Brittany Lippold says:

    So excited for you and excited to work with you in January and many more times to follow!!

  4. Alexa Harmon says:

    Where to begin besides saying Kenzi is not only an amazing photographer, but a genuinely incredible individual. She takes the time to get to know you and your family to make pictures natural and memorable. Can’t wait for many more photo shoots with her and her new team !

  5. Breeona Courtier says:

    I love you guys! I’m so proud of how far you have come. Your work is beautiful and when it’s my turn to get married I’ll be for sure getting with you guys❤️

  6. Kagen Eilers says:

    I am so extremely excited for the both of you, and I am even more excited to have you guys shooting our WEDDING. I cannot say enough good words about Kenzi and her work! I cannot wait to see some of Justin’s film skills! 🙂

  7. Lindsay says:

    I am so excited to see this! My sister in law raves about and how easy you make it! I can’t wait to book a session with you!

  8. Allan says:

    We can’t wait to work with you and Justin in July! We are so excited for you guys and your new brand.

  9. Danika Trosko says:

    So excited for you guys! I love it! Super excited to have you guys capture my wedding in August!!!

  10. Elli says:

    Congratulations on the new news!! I love how authentic and beautiful your work is. We will cherish our family photos forever. You guys are awesome!

  11. Misty Aldama says:

    I really enjoyed looking through your page, and how easy it was to navigate! The logo is very dreamy (like your work 😉) I also enjoyed reading about you and your husband working together on something you are passionate about. I hope to have photos done by you! Sending blessings 🙂

  12. Nikole Meador says:

    I seriously love you guys and seeing your business evolve just brings so much joy to my heart! We used you for our engagement and wedding and now we look forward to all the family sessions!!! Your website is beautiful. I love your about me section and every paragraph on this site breathed your love and passion.

  13. Natasha Campbell says:

    Wow! Your photos are truly breathtaking and authentic. I cannot thank you enough for the artistic eye you two brought to our wedding! LOVE LOVE LOVE 💕

  14. Kaleb says:

    This is awesome you guys. Marissa and I are happy to see you doing so well. Good luck with everything

  15. Anna Schultz says:

    I am in love with your logo and the overall “feel” of your new website! How exciting! All the best for you and your hubby in this new adventure together.

  16. Courtney Hoecker says:

    Congratulations! So exciting to be able to do this together! Love the warmth of your photos! Our family session with you has been some of my favorite photos ever! Love that you are expanding! Happy growth!

  17. Chyenne Kempton says:

    Your passion shows and I am obsessed with the vibes your page sends! I love watching your journey and having you document my family.

  18. Carly Molinar says:

    I love this! So excited that you get to work together and have built such a wonderful company. The look and feel is so refined and cozy. Congrats Kenzie!

  19. Jossie Lamoreau says:

    I love the families album. The now and the challenging deserves to be documented because time moves too fast. Agreed. You guys are awesome and have always loved your work 😍

  20. Kiersten says:

    Congratulations! Beautiful photos, Instagram feed and website! Your hard work shows! 💕

  21. Kylie Nelson says:

    Congrats! I absolutely love your branding and website design. I always love seeing your photography work pop up on my IG feed!

  22. Tayler Trattner says:

    Holy wow!! This brand and website is beautiful and suits y’all perfectly. The dynamic duo 🤩 so very much deserved to be where y’all are at. Hands down the best photography experience I have ever had was with you guys.

  23. Marissa Braafladt says:

    She was recommended to us by family and friends and wow she has been so great! She makes you feel so comfortable and safe while taking pictures! My son loved her and she made the whole family pictures with a toddler process painless. Her photos are incredible and she is so talented! Book her!

  24. Lauren L. says:

    Wow! What a beautiful website matched with beautiful photographic skills. Impressive!

  25. Yay!! I’m in love with your new brand. The website is gorgeous!! Feels so welcoming and warm. A perfect match for you!!

  26. Dustee says:

    Congratulations on the new brand. The site is beautiful and I can’t wait to see what you create moving forward!

  27. Dakotah Lewis says:

    Such a beautiful website! It captures your style and is easy to navigate! And the getting to know you is my favorite part. It was so awesome working with you, and I look forward to having you capture more of our family pictures!!

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