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13 Resources I Need to Run My Photography Business

Resources I Need to Run My Photography Business

Here’s a list of my favorite resources I use to run my photography business!

  1. Audible– sounds dumb but it’s not. It’s $14.95 a month and arguably my most used and valued education source. I run audiobooks about business while I edit and it’s super impactful. 10/10 recommend!
  2. Adobe Lightroom + Photoshop– I used to pay for the whole suite, but the photography plan is $9.95 a month and that’s what I recommend starting off with!
  3. Canva Pro– Once you have a brand identity, Canva Pro is an amazing resource. Upload your fonts, colors and logos and create away! I use this for thank you cards, business cards, client guides and social media.
  4. No Dinx– I’ve used them for all my apparel, print and vehicle graphic needs. They’re an awesome company! They also ship, so you don’t have to be local to get high quality gear and service!
  5. Honeybook– I’ve tried a few CRM’s but none of them have compared to Honeybook. Honeybook is user friendly and does a lot for me. I used to get caught up in the processing fees but I quickly hit a point in my business where automating emails and payments were a must to be successful and not lose my brain. Use this link for a discount!
  6. Etsy– I love using Etsy for guide templates and client gifts! I even used them for my brand when I first started out. I am a big fan! Plus, it’s cool to support small businesses, am I right?!
  7. Google Sheets- It’s basic but I prefer it for my accounting. I used to use Quickbooks Self Employed. That tracks mileage, expenses, invoices etc.- I liked it but prefer the old school way of using Google Sheets.
  8. Pass Gallery– I love how user friendly it is for my clients- not all gallery delivery services are. I also use the unlimited plan for $39.99 a month because I use it as another form of back up storage. Back ups are key!
  9. Back Blaze– My favorite cloud back up. I run it at night so it can go faster!
  10. Showit– Showit is by far the best web host I’ve had. It’s easy and makes sense. It blogs off of WordPress too, which is great for SEO. I recommend using a template- they’re worth the money and make a huge difference. With Grace and Gold are some favorites of mine. Stay tuned also, I may be coming out with some geared to photographers in my mentorship group only!
  11. Photomechanic– If you’re not using Photomechanic, you’re spending a lot of time on culling. Cut your editing time down by a ton by using Photomechanic!
  12. Narrative– I’ve used a couple blogging softwares- this one is by far the easiest and the best!
  13. Yoast SEO– Such a helpful blogging plugin! It tells you what changes you need to make as you blog!

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After jumping into full time wedding and family photography 15 months into business, I love sharing how I did it with other photographers. I learned a lot of lessons the hard way and have spent years diving into marketing research and trying tons of new things! I am passionate about no fluff education and creating smart marketing and financial strategies! Interested in a mentorship where we talk all things marketing, basics, posing, how to run a business and more? There’s more info and you can reach out here!



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